Rings Digital Weather Clock Brings Three Ring Style Beautiful Weather Forecast Widget On Homescreen [Android]

There are several widgets available on Google Play to show useful weather information on the homescreen of Android . However, while most of ...

Rings-Digital-Weather-Clock-Brings-Three-Ring-Style-Beautiful-Weather-Forecast-Widget-On-Homescreen-[Android]-6There are several widgets available on Google Play to show useful weather information on the homescreen of Android. However, while most of them are quite similar to the interface of HTC Sense, Rings Digital Weather Clock has a beautiful and different interface. Rings Digital Weather Clock is a different types of widget. It’s look is very beautiful and unique as it does not try to copy the widget interface of HTC Sense like many others available in Google Play. The three rings to make up a nice image for the Android homescreen.

Rings-Digital-Weather-Clock-Brings-Three-Ring-Style-Beautiful-Weather-Forecast-Widget-On-Homescreen-[Android]4  Rings-Digital-Weather-Clock-Brings-Three-Ring-Style-Beautiful-Weather-Forecast-Widget-On-Homescreen-[Android]2

Rings-Digital-Weather-Clock-Brings-Three-Ring-Style-Beautiful-Weather-Forecast-Widget-On-Homescreen-[Android]3  Rings-Digital-Weather-Clock-Brings-Three-Ring-Style-Beautiful-Weather-Forecast-Widget-On-Homescreen-[Android]

Setting Rings Digital Weather Clock is very simple, just select which items you want to display. You can set the color of each ring. However, the only thing that changes is the font color, and the result is not very interesting. They are small rings, and each with a distinguishing information. You can see the hours, day of week and date, moon phase, temperature (with maximum and minimum day, in degrees Celsius) and the remaining battery charge. Configuring all the information is simple. Before inserting the widget on the screen, you can select which items should be displayed or not. In addition, you can select the font color of each of the three circles, and add links to open applications by clicking on an information.

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