Free Ram In One Click To Boost System Performance Instantly & View Advanced Memory Info With CleanMem Mini Monitor

The most common problem of any PC user is “Why my computer is all slowing down?”. Although there’s no really perfect solution of this proble...

Free-Ram-In-One-Click-To-Boost-System-Performance-Instantly-&-View-Advanced-Memory-Info-With-CleanMem-Mini-Monitor-()The most common problem of any PC user is “Why my computer is all slowing down?”. Although there’s no really perfect solution of this problem, but you can try read up Ultimate Tips to Speed Up Your PC and Boost Performance and 10 Tips For Happy Computing for finding a way to make your system faster. You can also check our review of free System Tool like Advanced System Care, CCleaner, Startup Master, iBoostUp, EaseUS CleanGenius, Tweak Me!, SlimCleaner or others. Now let’s have a look over another system cleanup utility tool called CleanMem Mini Monitor which is a very useful software for anyone needs quick clean-up computer memory. CleanMem Mini Monitor is meant for those who need a simple software for memory optimization. This is because it doesn’t have so many hidden features or difficult configuration. Featuring only one option to use, it becomes easier to understand for users without much computer knowledge. The results obtained by the application are excellent. With only one click, it frees a large amount of system resources, improving the performance of your computer quickly.

Sometimes computers no longer work with all the resource expected by users without any logical explanation. In many cases, what occurs is a need for greater resources than the machine stand at the moment. It happens when the RAM gets loaded with unused programs and data. The RAM memory is not eternal memory of your computer, it just stores data temporarily before they moves to HD. In a basic analogy, everything that happens while you are awake and while sleeping is forgotten is the RAM, what is left is always stored in HD. That is, when the computer is turned off, RAM gets cleared. But sometimes we need to free some of this RAM without restarting the whole system and that’s where the CleanMem Mini Monitor works.


CleanMem Mini Monitor is available is both portable and installable version. Once you download the software, install it or just launch it. There are some settings you can change to make the program more personalized. Just right click on the CleanMem Mini Monitor icon from system tray and click on Monitor Settings. You can change default colors and fonts as well as schedule automatic clean up after timely interval from here.


To clear computer's RAM, first right click on the system tray icon and then click on Clean Memory Now. Done, your RAM has been optimized. Below we show you two screenshot of Physical Memory Usage History, one is before RAM clean up and other is after. You can see a little low Memory usage in second one. This amount of RAM is been freed by CleanMem Mini Monitor.


There are some other tools can be accessed from the right click system tray icon. Like Show File Cache Info will show current size of file cache, peak size, minimum and maximum cache storage along with other info.


Show Memory Info will show total available physical memory, used and available memory, kernel info, pagefile info and many others.


Show Process Info will show all active processes in a list and allows you to check details info and system resource usage by that process.


CleanMem Mini Monitor is a freeware portable tool to effectively cleanup RAM and boost your system performance instantly. It works on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista but we found it a bit unstable in Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Download CleanMem Mini Monitor

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