SmillaEnlarger: Easily Reduce Blur & Enlarge Smaller Images Without Losing Quality [Windows]

SmillaEnlarger is a very simple and easy to use application to have a little bit better quality while enlarging small images. The interface ...

SmillaEnlarger-Easily-Reduce-Blur-&-Enlarge-Smaller-Images-Without-Losing-Quality-[Windows]-(3)SmillaEnlarger is a very simple and easy to use application to have a little bit better quality while enlarging small images. The interface is not the most intuitive, but can condense very necessary attributes for the smoothing of the enlarged image. Moreover, it is an excellent alternative for non-vectorized images that suffer from distortion caused by the constant resizing, filtering and refiltering. With SmillaEnlarger the photos will not remain exactly as they were before (any types of change), but you can reach a good level of quality for any future use of that the. So if you're not so concerned with image noise and some colors being slightly emphasized, SmillaEnlarger can meet your needs. It's not rare case to find an image that would serve us well if it were a little larger, is not it? When we increase an image size, the pixels that compose suffer severe distortions if we try to resize real large. However, there are those moments in which the photo does not have certain size, all work will be compromised. Therefore, a good way to avoid such inconvenience is to use a for it. In such cases, SmillaEnlarger is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to increase or decrease the images without losing quality. Simply select a photo in the program and get a better enlarged one. More to read.

Note: Although during our test, we found it real useful to increase the current size of an image (say double). But if your base image quality is really low and if you are trying to magnify it hard (say 4x or even better), then you should be aware that no tool can do this automatically. If you have real advanced image editing knowledge, then you can do so with other powerful image editor tool. Otherwise use this one.

SmillaEnlarger-Easily-Reduce-Blur-&-Enlarge-Smaller-Images-Without-Losing-Quality-[Windows] (2)

SmillaEnlarger is a portable tool so you need not to install it to try. Just download the archive file, decompress it and then run the SmillaEnlarger.exe. Once the app is open, click Browse to select the desired image to be enlarged. Then select your target image size from Output Dimensions. From the Cropping tab, crop the needed part of your image if you want. Otherwise, move to the next tab.

SmillaEnlarger-Easily-Reduce-Blur-&-Enlarge-Smaller-Images-Without-Losing-Quality-[Windows] (1)

The Parameter tab has the most powerful tools and important options to control your target file. Select any of pre-added profiles to control sharpness, noise, dithering etc. to make your image better. You will also be able to add new custom profile by clicking on New. Use the bars and the hands of each one to determine the amount of sharpening, noise and other attributes that directly influence the softening of the image pixels. Once done, click Preview" to have the prediction of how the image will be enlarged and smoothed after. Once finished, click on Enlarge and Save button to enlarge you image file.


SmillaEnlarger is a must have tool to improve picture quality of your images. It let’s you easily control noise, sharpness etc. to easily improve your image quality when enlarged.  Although you may not get the best quality image from a smaller one using this tool, but you will be able to have a better large one easily. SmillaEnlarger is a protable and freeware tool works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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