SwiftKey 3 Free: Speed ​​Up Your Typing With (Probably) The Best Keyboard App [Android]

SwiftKey 3 Free is an excellent alternative keyboard application for your Android device. It offers an alternative to standard keyboard mod...

SwiftKey-3-Free-Speed---Up-Your-Typing-With-(Probably)-The-Best-Keyboard-App-[Android]-(2)SwiftKey 3 Free is an excellent alternative keyboard application for your Android device. It offers an alternative to standard keyboard models that come with the stock ROM and may as well show a way to speed up your typing process, choosing the settings that are more within way of handling. The program will help you with word prediction, automatic corrections in the text and other features related to the writing on the unit. This is a test version of the application and use is limited to one month's free. A keyboard is something that depends heavily on the personal taste of each. The SwiftKey 3 Free is a good alternative for those who like to test different models or is not satisfied with those for which the device is supported. The layout brings familiarity with some of the traditional, leaving simpler use. The suggestions of words appear at the top of the screen and are a source of great size, for optimum viewing. If you use it in the "fast", and word auto-correction adopted are well chosen, avoiding the inconvenience of the phrase does not come out even close to expected (remember that the application avoids profanity). If you want to try a different keyboard and it has support for several different configurations, it is worth checking the SwiftKey 3 Free.

Note: Although the title says “Free” but actually this is a trial version of SwiftKey 3. You will be able to enjoy all feature of SwiftKey 3 for one month for free. We do not generally share paid/trial apps in ABC Trick, but this tool definitely has something to stand out. Try it first and then I am sure you will never get back to your stock keyboard.


Although all smartphones have a keyboard model that follows, it is not always quite the way you want. Whether the layout of the special characters or a word prediction for the weak language used, a model that is not optimized for its use may interfere when typing a message, for example. SwiftKey 3 Free can be the difference between a more optimal use of the smartphone when it is necessary to complete tasks involving text. It has word prediction (according to the language) and automatic correction. The layout, in general, resembles the standard keyboard of the Samsung, but it can be changed in settings.

SwiftKey-3-Free-Speed---Up-Your-Typing-With-(Probably)-The-Best-Keyboard-App-[Android]-(3)  SwiftKey-3-Free-Speed---Up-Your-Typing-With-(Probably)-The-Best-Keyboard-App-[Android]-(4)

Shortly after installing, you need to set the desired settings for the application. The first step is to select a language to use and, after choosing it, the download starts automatically. The program supports the use of up to three languages ​​at the same time (which can be added later in the settings) and features more then 30 different language as of now. After selecting the language, the following two steps are to activate the SwiftKey 3 in cellular and turn it into the input method of the preferred device. Both operations are guided and is described on the screen exactly how you should proceed to complete them. After that, you will choose the method of writing that best fits your style.

SwiftKey-3-Free-Speed---Up-Your-Typing-With-(Probably)-The-Best-Keyboard-App-[Android]-(5) SwiftKey-3-Free-Speed---Up-Your-Typing-With-(Probably)-The-Best-Keyboard-App-[Android]-(6) SwiftKey-3-Free-Speed---Up-Your-Typing-With-(Probably)-The-Best-Keyboard-App-[Android]-(7)

Basically, it offers two types for typing mode: Precise and Fast. The first relates to those who like to write calmly and choose the words of the forecast. The second is for anyone who owns a hurry and rely entirely on automatic corrections. When you finish the settings, the application asks if you want to test them by typing something in the social networks.

Check out the video demo below:

I have tried many alternative keyboard apps to power up my writing on the go, but only this tool has the ability to replace the stock one. In my opinion, this is the best keyboard app for Android available on the Market. SwiftKey 3 Free is a one month trial application while the full version is available from $4.63. SwiftKey 3 works on Android 2.1 or later.

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