Talking Tom & Ben News: Another Great Funny App Like Talking Tom As News Reader [Android & iPhone Game]

Talking Tom & Ben News is a very funny app for iPhone and Android and can ensure the distraction of children for hours. The ability to...

Talking-Tom-&-Ben-News-Another-Great-Funny-App-Like-Talking-Tom-As-News-Reader-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(1)Talking Tom & Ben News is a very funny app for iPhone and Android and can ensure the distraction of children for hours. The ability to see their sentences by repeated application of the characters make a great choice to laugh with friends. With this, you can create your own news, involving even their friends and family. Just have a good script and creative ideas to run it. The chances of interaction, either by touching the screen, and among the characters themselves, are even more positive points to the Talking News Tom & Ben. The tool makes sharing with YouTube Talking Tom & Ben News practically perfect, and if you want to increase the fun by buying the full version of the app, the cat can fight back, increasing the fights on the set. The application simulates a bank of television daily, that can be fully controlled by you. Presenters of Talking Tom & Ben News are friendly cat Tom and Ben, a puppy that will not let Tom alone. Presenters to speak, just start talking in front of the microphone. His speech is automatically converted to text the presenters, all with voices that repeat very funny.


The characters alternate between lines, and each time you start talking, one must repeat the lines. You can also interact with the characters on the screen by touching each one, you drop the character from his chair, causing him to fall to the ground with no chance to defend himself, sliding your finger sideways on the screen, you make them turn in their chairs. But, no-nonsense happens on the Talking Tom & Ben News. Here, the fights are constant and you will not miss a good race if you use the options available at the bottom of the screen. To lead his companion bench, Ben uses any type of weapon and toy to reach Tom.


He can shoot arrows, to make Tom stand in silence, using a mechanism that achieves the cat with a glove or jump over the kitten, causing further confusion in the studio. The mess is such that it reaches the channel off the air, with a notice of technical difficulties on the screen. If desired, you can also customize the background, choosing a TV icon at the bottom of the display. With this, you can choose a recording in the memory or make a quick video to be displayed on the screen that is on the bench.


To share their play, select the camera that sits on top on the left side of the screen. With this you can record your actions and make a video to be posted in your YouTube account directly by the application.

Talking Tom & Ben News is a real funny tool to spend time around for your Smartphone. It is a free app works on Android 2.1 or later and iOS 3.0 or later and is available on both Google Play and iTunes App Store.

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