Loopcam, Free GIF App!: Snap Still Photos And Create Stunning GIF From Them [iPhone]

Loopcam brings the tools necessary for those who want to create your own animations. With this application, you can develop GIFs from photog...

Loopcam,-Free-GIF-App!-Snap-Still-Photos-And-Create-Stunning-GIF-From-Them-[iPhone]-(1)Loopcam brings the tools necessary for those who want to create your own animations. With this application, you can develop GIFs from photographs taken at the time, with the functionality offered by the program. The way to use Loopcam is very simple, since the application's screens are well organized and functions are presented in a logical, represented by drawings that give a clear idea of ​​the activity that each one plays. Moreover, the fact that the application show a shadow of the last picture taken - so you have to be based on time to catch the next frame - makes their creations are more neat because you can rely on the last picture captured to maintain the sequence of poses. However, if you prefer, you can disable this functionality at any time. The number of frames allowed for each GIF is not infinite, but does the job, since Loopcam allows you to use up to 50 pictures in each animation. This number is enough to create files and varied, considering that these items usually have a short sequence of images, reaching a maximum average of five frames. So far in our analysis, the Loopcam just sent well in features and presented in the form with which it works. However, not everything is so beautiful as well as two features arose during testing to disrupt the apparent perfection of the application. More to read.

But the first negative side is the inability to use the photos stored in the gallery of the device. That is, if you already have a very nice sequence of images to be transformed into animation, you need to choose another software, because this application works only with photos taken at the time and through the program. The other downside of Loopcam is much more serious than the first because it represents a failure that can not really be left out: the application does not allow you to control the speed at which frames are played. This means that animations will stay the way they want the program, which may not be exactly the way you expect.

Loopcam,-Free-GIF-App!-Snap-Still-Photos-And-Create-Stunning-GIF-From-Them-[iPhone]-(2) Loopcam,-Free-GIF-App!-Snap-Still-Photos-And-Create-Stunning-GIF-From-Them-[iPhone]-(3) Loopcam,-Free-GIF-App!-Snap-Still-Photos-And-Create-Stunning-GIF-From-Them-[iPhone]-(4)

Most programs allow you to create GIFs offers an option to choose how many poses are displayed per second, something basic to such a program. However, the Loopcam does not even touch on the subject. To complement the bad traits of this application, we should comment that it does not provide effects, possibilities of editing or color filters so that you can apply in the images. This is hardly a problem because it would be a complement to the basic functions of Loopcam, but these extra options would make a difference in the use of software, since they allow customizing the appearance of GIFs.

While you are making the catch, you can trigger a function that allows you to see a shadow at the bottom of the last image taken. With this, you have a better reference to the next frame in order to create a logical sequence of poses. Altogether, you can catch 50 different images to insert in each animation, but you can only use the images taken at the time, and there is the possibility of taking the pictures that are stored in the gallery of your device.

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