XPlay Music Player: A Full Featured Music Player With Nice Interface And Quality Playback [Android]

The native music player of Android is not a great or enjoyable one because of its limitations and visually unattractive. For this reason, we...

XPlay-Music-Player-A-Full-Featured-Music-Player-With-Nice-Interface-With-Quality-Playback-[Android]-2The native music player of Android is not a great or enjoyable one because of its limitations and visually unattractive. For this reason, we are always looking for a good replacement, which can turn the device into a real MP3 player. XPlay music player is another brillant alternative music player for Android. Its highlight is the look clean and neat that it presents. Also, there's even a nice lock screen, the player to manage even with the display locked. XPlay music player app is a great tool to hear your music. It has a beautiful interface and has features that can win many readers. The first aspect to be analyzed is, without doubt, his look. Despite an array of elements common to most music applications (with buttons at the bottom and display the album cover just above), XPlay music player stands out for its beauty, with shades of gray and orange that blend very well. He even brings a new display of volume. Moreover, it can hide the notification bar and brings Android all major management buttons on your main screen. You can access the random manner, repeating songs and playlists and even view the quality of the file that is playing.


The visuals accompanying the music appear behind the image of the album. You can choose between six different models and very nice. Since the equalizer is a special case. You can choose from five preset modes, but there is also the possibility to create and save your own presets, letting the sound of XPlay music player on your taste and changing it according to the style of music you're hearing. XPlay music player even lets you select a song to put it as a ringing phone, offers a search function (ideal for those who have thousands of files on Android) and allows you to access the media library device. Everything is organized in folders, tracks, artists, albums, genres and playlists.

XPlay-Music-Player-A-Full-Featured-Music-Player-With-Nice-Interface-With-Quality-Playback-[Android]-2 (1)  XPlay-Music-Player-A-Full-Featured-Music-Player-With-Nice-Interface-With-Quality-Playback-[Android]-2 (2)

Create a new list is a relatively simple task. But adding new tracks to what you are listening at the moment, unfortunately, not possible. By accessing a track in the library, you can put it in a list or play it immediately - that is disrupting the hearing. But otherwise, XPlay music player does not disappoint. Finally, you still have a beautiful screen to lock the device, allowing you to access the options of the player without having to unlock the display of Android. A great download for your smartphone or tablet! The application also has on-screen animations that accompany the music. Regarding the sound, you can access an equalizer presets and create your own, they can leave their music even more perfect!

XPlay-Music-Player-A-Full-Featured-Music-Player-With-Nice-Interface-With-Quality-Playback-[Android]-2 (3) XPlay-Music-Player-A-Full-Featured-Music-Player-With-Nice-Interface-With-Quality-Playback-[Android]-2 (6) XPlay-Music-Player-A-Full-Featured-Music-Player-With-Nice-Interface-With-Quality-Playback-[Android]-2 (8)

Check out the video demo below:


  • Browse your music library and playlists upravelnie (delete, edit, create).
  • Playing in folders.
  • Gorgeous design.
  • Evalayzer with the ability to save presets, create and edit presets.
  • Effects Bass bust, virtualizer
  • Ability to edit the tags.
  • Two lock screen widget widget and four desktop.
  • Six types of visualization.
  • Many options allow the player to tune for themselves for every taste.
  • Operation with headsets (three-button single-button, and).
  • Rating system.
  • Control the volume using the buttons.

XPlay Music Player is a nice and amazing third-party music player for Android. It features brilliant semi- transparent skin with great playback quality. XPlay Music Player works on Android 2.3.7 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

Download XPlay Music Player

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