4Sync: Official Mobile Client For 4Shared To Upload Files & Manager Your Account [Android & iPhone]

4Sync is a program whose function is to synchronize the files on your computer with an account of 15 GB of available space on 4Shared.With i...

4Sync-Official-Mobile-Client-For-4Shared-To-Upload-Files-&-Manager-Your-Account-[Android-&-iPhone]-(2)4Sync is a program whose function is to synchronize the files on your computer with an account of 15 GB of available space on 4Shared.With it, you not only sends the clouds as many items as you wish, but you can also share them with your friends fairly easily. 4Sync is the official application 4Shared known service that allows you to manage and synchronize your account through your Android and iPhone. To use the app, just log in (or create one) and press the "menu" button to view options. The application interface is pretty intuitive, although it is somewhat strange that you can only access the options via the "menu" button on your Android. Anyway, the elements are large, intuitive and easy to view, which is perfect for gadgets with small screens. All files you download are stored in a folder called "4SHARED.COM" and unfortunately, there is an option available that allows to change this directory. However, your items are not automatically synchronized to your device, and only the files that you select are downloaded - avoiding runs out of memory on your smartphone. More to read.


4Shared is part of a quality that ensures not only 4Sync enough space available, but also a wide range of options. The main one is sharing files with your friends: Once synchronized, you get a link that can send to anyone. In short, 4Sync is a good client for Android with which you send or download files from 4shared.The app has a lightweight interface, beautiful and easy to use that allows you to recover that important file or even to upload from your smartphone.


The operation of 4Sync is relatively simple: it creates a folder on your smartphone that sends all the files in to an account associated with the 4Shared - and download the items that are on that account, keeping both equal. With 4Sync installed, all you need do is have it running on your smartphone, be connected to your account and move the files you want to synchronize using the program interface. By accessing the official site of the service, you can view the items hosted and share them with your friends.


Check out the video demo below:

4Sync is official mobile client for Android and iPhone with complete integration to your 4Shared account directly from your device. It works on Android 2.1 or later and iOS 3.1 or later and is available for free on both Google Play and iTunes App Store.

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  1. I don't know if I am the only person with this problem, search always comes up with 0 results in my android. It's been terribly awful

  2. Yes, me too. It was great after some updates now it completely sucks. 4Shared service is one of the best but 4Sync client now became a BIG burden. i always end up with server error.


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