Bad Nerd: Take Revenge Of All Bullies Who Took Advantage Of You At School [Android Game]

Bad Nerd is an action-based RPG game that puts you in the role of a young nerd who launches into an incredible undertaking. In Bad Nerd, you...

Bad-Nerd-Take-Revenge-Of-All-Bullies-Who-Took-Advantage-Of-You-At-School-[Android-Game]-(2)Bad Nerd is an action-based RPG game that puts you in the role of a young nerd who launches into an incredible undertaking. In Bad Nerd, you help a young nerd who wants revenge on all people at school who messed with him using your Android. To do this, you embark on an adventure with RPG features full of fighting and overcoming. The gameplay of the title is agitated but reasonably accurate, thanks to a touch control scheme which only contains a fixed button for the shares and a digital D-pad that automatically adapts to the position of your finger. The RPG features enable you to develop various attributes of your character, you gain experience during battles and also acquires various weapons, armor and items to help you defend yourself and develop the plot. The visuals are great fun title, bringing in modeling exaggerated cartoon style animations and opaque colors. Children seem to be made of cloth, since the movements are completely unrealistic and very funny. During the fights, the zig zag that the character does to defend itself more like a crazy dance than a fighting technique.


The set features several tracks sound nice, but there are many simple effects that represent actions such as punches and groans in a generic way. In fact, the developers could have a neat little game in this attribute. History, more than 50 quests, hundreds of weapons and armor and items you encounter during the contract significantly improve the gameplay, since you always have goals to accomplish and the natural evolution of the character keeps you focused.


In short, Bad Nerd is one game exhilarating that can vitiating easily to any gamer lover of action games and adventure. History, fun visual and hundreds of items available consolidate a long and exciting endeavor, can generate many hours of fun.


Check out the video demo below

Bad Nerd is a really enjoyable RPG game for your Android device. It works on Android 2.3.3 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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