FotoRus: Create GIF Animations With Your Photos And Put Different Ready Fun Effect [iPhone]

FotoRus allows you to capture images, photos or videos, using color filters and effects that can be applied as soon as the recordings are ma...

FotoRus-Create-GIF-Animations-With-Your-Photos-And-Put-Different-Ready-Fun-Effect-[iPhone]-(1)FotoRus allows you to capture images, photos or videos, using color filters and effects that can be applied as soon as the recordings are made.You can change the appearance of files by inserting frames, leaving them with an old style or placing drawings to decorate the scene depicted. The various tools offered by FotoRus make this application a complete image editor, for those who just want to implement rapid changes to photographs and videos. All these functions run correctly and quickly, causing the appearance of items to be changed without delay. FotoRus screens are well organized and functions are presented in a clear and well divided.Thus, there is no difficulty in understanding how the application works. The variety of effects to apply to photographs is quite large. There are dozens of frames, designs and color filters provided by the application: all different from each other and having an outcome that the miniature that exemplifies each.

FotoRus-Create-GIF-Animations-With-Your-Photos-And-Put-Different-Ready-Fun-Effect-[iPhone]-(2)  FotoRus-Create-GIF-Animations-With-Your-Photos-And-Put-Different-Ready-Fun-Effect-[iPhone]-(3)

Just a variety of assembly models is that it leaves something to be desired. Virtually all frames have only space for four photos. The collages - considered by a different type of application assembly - have more variety of templates, but does not leave much of the standard. Another defect found is the inability to set the time interval that should be given between the capture of one frame and another in the function that ability to create GIFs. That way, you can not control the outcome and the photos are very similar to each other.

FotoRus-Create-GIF-Animations-With-Your-Photos-And-Put-Different-Ready-Fun-Effect-[iPhone]-(4) FotoRus-Create-GIF-Animations-With-Your-Photos-And-Put-Different-Ready-Fun-Effect-[iPhone]-(5) FotoRus-Create-GIF-Animations-With-Your-Photos-And-Put-Different-Ready-Fun-Effect-[iPhone]-(6)

With this application you can use the photos in the gallery of images stored on your device to create GIFs. If you prefer, you can also make the capture of new pictures, automatically or manually. Another feature offered by FotoRus is mounting photographs. You can select an album in the gallery of pictures or take new photos, which will be automatically entered into a collage pre-defined application.


  • Create GIF through camera, a video clip , or images from photo library.
  • Image filters - give your picture various cool effects
  • Motion effects - simulate animated effects such as rainy, snowy, night vision, sniper and so on.
  • Advanced function- Each frame is editable and it supports a very powerful function to create do-it-yourself GIF. Add other animation effects on your GIF; pan, rotate and scale the effects to fit your desire.
  • Unlimited motion effects - more than 20 built-in effects, with lots of online effects that are constantly updated.
  • Borders - many classic borders are supported.
  • Voice control - just say any word to start capturing with voice control mode on.
  • Automatically save the final GIF to the app's GIF library. You can view or share them at any time.
  • Share your GIF animation directly through Twitter, Tumblr, Sina or email.
  • Export your GIF to your photo album or iTunes.

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