Absolutely File Delete: Permanently Delete All Unwanted Files Or Personal Data [Windows]

Absolutely File Delete is a program developed to help you get rid of a file permanently and delete it without leaving a chance to recover it...

Absolutely-File-Delete-Permanently-Delete-All-Unwanted-Files-Or-Personal-Data-[Windows]-(1)Absolutely File Delete is a program developed to help you get rid of a file permanently and delete it without leaving a chance to recover it. Unlike what happens with the documents that are deleted by Windows, there is no chance that you can retrieve the information passing through this software, what’s deleted is completely lost. This makes the application a very attractive option for those who think they are suffering from computer hacking by a virus or who need to completely remove any personal files. After all, nothing worse than having discovered personal information simply because someone decided to see what was on your hard drive. If your intention is to get rid of a file permanently, Absolutely File Delete is a great option to help you. With a few mouse clicks, you can select documents that needs to be deleted from the computer and should never be recovered again. As the software has a simple interface, it will only take a few seconds to select and process deletion of any files. Although this tool works like a charm, but yet we find a pretty useful feature missing. Drag and drop files isn’t supported by this tool.


As this is a portable tool, there is no need to go through any installation process to use the software. Simply unzip the downloaded file into any folder on your computer and then double-click on the FileDeleteAbsolutely.exe file to start it. Once the tools is started, you can get started to delete any files. To add documents to the program, click on one of the options marked as Select (the first selects only documents/files, while the second allows you to select entire folders). If you need to remove any element of the list, click on it and then click UnSelect.


After you have finished making the application settings, click Delete File to start the elimination process. Normally, the program takes a few seconds to perform their activities, although the size (and quantity) of the selected files can increase this interval. You will be able to check the log from the bottom panel.

Absolutely File Delete is a useful and easy to use tool to completely delete any files from your PC. This is a complete freeware tool works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it under Windows 8 Release Preview,

Download Absolutely File Delete

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