91 Locker: Lockscreen Replacement Tool With Stunning Themes & Missed Call/SMS Count [Android]

With 91 Locker you have a simple tool that will let your Android with an incredible view. It is easy to customize and has very useful short...

91-Locker-Lockscreen-Replacement-Tool-With-Stunning-Themes-&-Missed-CallSMS-Count-[Android]-(4)With 91 Locker you have a simple tool that will let your Android with an incredible view. It is easy to customize and has very useful shortcuts for the day to day. In the default configuration, the 91 Locker allows you to unlock the screen and usually leave straight for options such as telephone, SMS or camera gadget. The 91 Locker is a very useful application and I bring an incredible view to the screen of your gadget. He has so many positives that neither seems to be a totally free app. The big advantage here is the ability to customize everything from the Lock screen, since the background image, even the shortcuts for quick access to functions. The modern style of Locker 91 draws the attention and possibly to match any theme you have in the equipment. Another positive point is the tools menu at the top of the screen, which always leaves the hand very useful tools, such as airplane mode and the ability to activate silent.


Safety is another important item in Locker 91: Unlike most of the themes for the lock screen, here the system is not vulnerable by the notification system. With so many positive aspects, the 91 Locker definitely worth the download. The only problem seen in tests done by ABC Trick lab is that at times it just stops working and the screen lock standard unit will reappear, but a bug to be very punctual, he fails to completely disrupt the use of 91 Locker.


The application also allows you to change the shortcuts for apps you use most. You can, for example, put the Twitter or Facebook directly in the unlock screen. Another possibility is to change the background image to make sure the device has a look that perfectly matches your style. For those who still need to turn on and off the Wi-Fi, turn airplane mode, among others, 91 Locker also has a cord in the upper right corner of the screen. Pulling down the app shows a bar with useful options, without requiring you to unlock the display.

91 Locker is a great lockscreen replacement tool for Android. It is a full free tool works on Android 2.0 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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