iGun Zombie–Reloaded: Explode Hundreds Of Zombies & Monsters Using Over 20 Types Of Real Guns [Android Game]

iGun Zombie - Reloaded for Android is an FPS that puts you to shoot so insane. In 150 levels, you find yourself entrenched in a corner of a...

iGun-Zombie-Reloaded-Explode-Hundreds-Of-Zombies-&-Monsters-Using-Over-20-Types-Of-Real-Guns-[Android-Game]-()iGun Zombie - Reloaded for Android is an FPS that puts you to shoot so insane. In 150 levels, you find yourself entrenched in a corner of a great city, which was completely overrun by zombies.Your aim and shoot and end all creatures running toward him. iGun Zombie - Reloaded is not a simple game of "tap and shoot", since you can improve your weapons and buy more than 20 models. You can also get several items that help you in your quest for survival, such as armor and grenades. iGun Zombie - Reloaded puts you to set off hundreds of zombies so mad at one of the best games in the style "tap and shoot" Play available on Google. You play the role of a survivor in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, and armed with several guns and powerful, must shoot all the creatures that lie ahead. Although the title is clearly within the category of FPS "static", some new enrich the whole. You can, for example, move the camera sideways, since the scenario has a significant amplitude. At the time of shooting, you move the gun with a finger and pull the trigger with the other, giving more realism and improving the visibility of the problem - because your finger is not over the target.


Each stage presents you overcome variations in the scenario and also a greater level of difficulty.Upgrades are one of the most interesting, since it can help improve your weapons and buy new equipment to help fight off waves of zombies. The visual iGun Zombie - Reloaded are not spectacular, featuring animations pixelated textures and some fought mainly on the scenario. However, considering the gender of the title, the graphics of the work reaches a plateau above the average that should draw the attention of gamers who have tried other options.


All sounds are extremely realistic way. The effects of the shooting, reloading weapons, explosions and zombies seem to have been agonizing reused for another game more complete, but still do a good job and represent an exceptional all actions. The music that packs the action during the slaughter is very exciting, immersing you in the mood frenetic. If you like action games Quick and easy with lots of shooting and violence, iGun Zombie - Reloaded is a perfect option for you. The title stands out within its genre gameplay featuring a sharp, interesting graphics and gameplay upgrades and eternal through phases with progressive difficulty.


iGun Zombie - Reloaded is a nice first person shooting games for Android. It is a full free game works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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