Cloud System Booster: Effective & Easy-To-Use Online Database Based System Cleaner/Optimizer Tool [Windows]

Optimization is a keyword that every Computer has in their mind, “I need to optimize my PC because it’s freaking slowing down!”. That's ...

Cloud-System-Booster-Effective-&-Easy-To-Use-Online-Database-Based-System-CleanerOptimizer-Tool-[Windows]-(1)Optimization is a keyword that every Computer has in their mind, “I need to optimize my PC because it’s freaking slowing down!”. That's because while we use any application of software, they leave behind many temporary files which needs to be deleted to run that software smoothly. In addition, every second we spend on our PC, thousands of registry keys are being constantly creating, modifying and deleting which disrupt the performance of system. Those temp files and registry keys have to be deleted in order to keep your system up and running. While this job is almost impossible to do manually every now and then, there are some tools available on the internet to do this for you. We have previously shared some of those tools like Advanced System Care, Auslogics Registry Cleaner, Wise Registry Cleaner, CCleaner, TweakNow PowerPack 2012 and many more. Cloud System Booster is another unique option for those looking to optimize their computer. The program provides a simple and highly interactive interface with both Easy and Expert mode. To ensure that most of those problems can be resolved, we are today sharing another great optimization tool called Cloud System Booster from Anvisoft which ensures maximum optimization with cloud technology. It cleans your system using a regularly updated database that provides real-time updates. More to read.


New to the market, Cloud System Booster promises to be an excellent competitor of other well-known system optimization tool. While there are many similar tools available already, something unique is needed for a new app to come out strongly and the real-time updating database is that unique thing for Cloud System Booster. This tool is really easy to use ever for the new amateur users with attractive interface and easy optimization mode. For advanced users, it also has an Expert cleaning mode to give utmost control to the user. During our test, we find this tool pretty effective and almost complete. But there’s something should be added in future release. Like, this tool doesn’t allow you to only Scan your system to find out the errors. It will both Scan and Repair. We wish the developer will add this feature in future release. However, this tool is a good alternative for those who are getting frustrated by overall system performance degradation and help to easily clean the system.

To get started, simply download and install the tool first. Once installed, run the tool. From the right side of the home window, you can select what will be changed using Cloud System Booster. There are four categories called Cleaner, Optimizer, Repair and Application. You can mark or unmark any of them. Let me tell you a little about what those category does.

Cleaner: Here, you let the Cloud System Booster perform cleanups throughout the system, deleting unnecessary files and data created and saved by various programs.

Optimizer: This tool is intended to make the system faster by making one click optimize by disabling some unnecessary Windows services, changing Network settings, boosting startup and more.

Repair: From here you can let Cloud System Booster to repair registry errors, fix file extension, restore some Windows service to default etc.

Application: This function analyzes some application installed on your computer and deletes unnecessary junk files left behind those tools.


Just click on Boost to automatically scan and repair/clean your system to the best stage.


From Settings, you can be able to control the complete behavior of this tool. General tabs will let you to change normal settings like running on Windows startup, Auto Scan, Show News etc, From the Scan tab you will be able to control what to be scanned and cleaned/optimized by Cloud System Booster. You can also access here by clicking Settings right next to those four categories from home window. Restore tab will allow you to revert back all changes made by Cloud System Booster on a specific run.


You can switch between Home and Expert mode from the bottom of the application window. Expert mode is only an alternate mode that allow to change setting directly from the home window rather then accessing to the Settings tab.


After all, Cloud System Booster is a pretty useful tool to make your system a little bit faster by optimizing some setting and cleaning junk files. On the time of this review, Cloud System Booster is still on early stage and it’s database is quite small but it’s increasing regularly. I hope the database will be almost complete soon. Cloud System Booster is a complete freeware tool works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

Download Cloud System Booster


  1. Works great, but there's nothing remaining in the program, it has the same types of engine used by various programs, eg: Ccleaner, JetClean, CleanMem, Memory Optimizer, Etc! In summary, of the same you use CCleaner Cloud System Booster!The interface is pretty clean though.

  2. Seems more easy-to-use than ccleaner. Liked that cloud shaped button lol A great optimizer especially when it is free.


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