MX Player: Easy Yet Powerful Tool To Watch Videos, Movies Of Almost All Format With Subtitle [Android]

Those who are highly addicted to videos, movies and TV shows favorites can play them on their Android device with a simple, free and highly...

MX-Player-Easy-Yet-Powerful-Tool-To-Watch-Videos,-Movies-Of-Almost-All-Format-With-Subtitle-[Android]-(5)Those who are highly addicted to videos, movies and TV shows favorites can play them on their Android device with a simple, free and highly recommended video player called MX Player. MX Player is a free video player with many features, supporting wide range for formats, playing video with subtitle and more. MX Player is a simple to use, great for video playback. Its main highlight is the facility to insert subtitle files in the video playback and editing possibilities in size, color and location of the source. This is super important, especially on devices with small screen. Furthermore, the user still has three types of codecs available for free by the developers. One detail that may disturb the appearance of advertisements is at the bottom of the video when it is paused. If you pressed the "Pause" because I wanted to see a detail, it can be hidden. It’s initial interface displays all the folders with video files on your device. You can manage them, placing new names or deleting folders. To insert new files in the library of MX Player, click the menu button and go to "Video Scan", for the application to perform a new scan, updating the list of videos. Clicking on a folder, you can view thumbnail images of each film, with name and duration. This list can also be edited for you to give a new name to your movies. More to read.


The playback screen is really handy. To increase the volume, simply drag your finger across the screen, up down the right side of the screen. On the left side, you can change the display brightness. At the top, the progress bar is shown the film, disappearing after a few seconds to avoid hindering the viewing. It also shows the battery status and time of Android in the upper right corner.


The menu offers five options. "Lock controls" (control block) is able to block all commands of the video that you can not accidentally click on something and stop playing the movie. "Subtitle Track" (Subtitles) allows you to choose the subtitle file on your machine to play along with the video. The "Screen" (Screen) offers up to three sizes for video playback, change the font and size of the caption and can change its color, add border and insert a background color. The layout of the legend can also be modified to appear in the center of the screen or on the sides.

The menu also displays the details of the video, such as file type, location, creation date and maximum resolution. Finally, you can access the preferences of the player. If you need, there are three types of codecs for the app, available free on Google Play. MX Player will automatically select the best codec for you once you have opened the app and then ask you to to download the preferred one.

MX Player is probably the most user-favorite video player tool available for Android yet. It’s simple usage and powerful playback support has made this tool one of the best of it’s own kind. MX Player is a full free tool works on Android 2.1 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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