Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark: Perform Complete Benchmark Of Android Browser’s Ability & Performance

Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark is a program for performing benchmarks that do not work by measuring the performance of processing equipment, b...

Vellamo-Mobile-Web-Benchmark-Perform-Complete-Benchmark-Of-Android-Browser-s-Ability-&-Performance--(11)Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark is a program for performing benchmarks that do not work by measuring the performance of processing equipment, but rather the speed of web browsing. When you buy a smartphone or tablet, the idea is to rely not only on different applications, but also good experience of using the world wide web.And that's what Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark seeks to measure. Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark is one of the most comprehensive options for achieving this kind of benchmark. The program includes several tools to test and evaluate various guidelines, taking into account every detail in time to surf the internet. Although many options to show the Vellamo Mobile Web benchmark tests apply a relatively rapid, taking less than five minutes to perform a complete benchmark. More to read.

Vellamo-Mobile-Web-Benchmark-Perform-Complete-Benchmark-Of-Android-Browser-s-Ability-&-Performance--(1)  Vellamo-Mobile-Web-Benchmark-Perform-Complete-Benchmark-Of-Android-Browser-s-Ability-&-Performance--(2)

The results are shown in a very comprehensive report and displays the performance of the apparatus in each of the tests performed by the program. Moreover, the ranking is also very useful because it allows you to see whether it can end result was good and if your gadget has obtained a position above your competitors. The program brings up a menu where you can determine the performance of a benchmark complete, so that it applies all 11 tests available. These include measurements of speed of communication with the network, HTML 5, JavaScript, scrolling and many others.

Vellamo-Mobile-Web-Benchmark-Perform-Complete-Benchmark-Of-Android-Browser-s-Ability-&-Performance--(3)  Vellamo-Mobile-Web-Benchmark-Perform-Complete-Benchmark-Of-Android-Browser-s-Ability-&-Performance--(4)

Moreover, the first time that a benchmark is achieved, the program offers you the option to have a short tutorial that explains each of the tests being applied. You can also customize the use Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark, choosing only those benchmarks that you want. After completion of the work, the program brings the results into a list in great detail, and also submit a score with the total score obtained in all tests. Already back to the main menu you can view a ranking that compares the performance of your device with other gadgets available in the market.

Check out the video demo below:

Download Vellamo Mobile Web Benchmark

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