Advanced Clock Widget: A Discreet & Stylish Clock Widget With Weather, Battery & More [Android]

Can't find the perfect clock to decorate your Android homescreen or looking for an easy yet elegant replacement of advanced clock widge...

Advanced-Clock-Widget-A-Discreet-&-Stylish-Clock-Widget-With-Weather,-Battery-&-More-[Android]-(1)Can't find the perfect clock to decorate your Android homescreen or looking for an easy yet elegant replacement of advanced clock widgets like Minimalistic Text or Ultimate Custom Clock Widget (UCCW)? Advanced Clock widget can be a good option. The widget is nice and quiet, small footprint, but showing a lot of information. Advanced Clock Widget is a widget created for those who want easy access to information without polluting the Android homescreen. The app deserves credit for offering many possible configurations, changing the layout of the widget, changing their colors and displayed information. Change text templates and choices - one of the five spaces available - it is very easy, because the menu is intuitive and visual aids (for templates). In addition, you have many options to enter information in the widget, since available memory to battery status - and not just time, date and temperature.

Advanced-Clock-Widget-A-Discreet-&-Stylish-Clock-Widget-With-Weather,-Battery-&-More-[Android]-(2)  Advanced-Clock-Widget-A-Discreet-&-Stylish-Clock-Widget-With-Weather,-Battery-&-More-[Android]-(4)

On the other hand, would be very interesting if Advanced Clock Widget preset options offer color matching. To insert a new color in the widget, you need to adjust settings in four bars, so a little practice and nothing needs to select colors. With Advanced Clock Widget, you have full power setting that will appear on the screen. You can change the time format, select up to nine different templates, set color and temperature information. In addition, the widget has five spaces for you to insert the information you want as your internet network, battery status, temperature forecast for the day, among others. Advanced Clock Widget is a widget beautiful and functional.

Advanced-Clock-Widget-A-Discreet-&-Stylish-Clock-Widget-With-Weather,-Battery-&-More-[Android]-(6)  Advanced-Clock-Widget-A-Discreet-&-Stylish-Clock-Widget-With-Weather,-Battery-&-More-[Android]-(7)

Check out the video demo below:


  • Digital clock
  • Customizable fonts and colors (for transparent bg set alpha to 0!)
  • Multiple layout templates
  • Battery status (with time remaining)
  • Network operator / WiFi network name
  • World clock with timezone support (just add multiple widget and set manually weather/location in the options)
  • Current location, date and uptime
  • Current and tomorrow weather
  • Next alarm

Download Advanced Clock Widget

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