Gifinator: Easily Create Average GIF Images Using Your Camera [Android]

Animated GIFs are those images we usually send to friends, mainly in instant messengers.They are made with overlapping pictures and Gifinato...

Gifinator-Easily-Create-Average-GIF-Images-Using-Your-Camera-[Android]-(1)Animated GIFs are those images we usually send to friends, mainly in instant messengers.They are made with overlapping pictures and Gifinator application helps you create this type of file using your smartphone. Gifinator is an alternative application for those who like to create images and GIFs. Although it’s not as powerful as our previously shared other GIF tool, yet you may try it. Its interface is very intuitive and streamlined. Even in English, the user can create the file with a few clicks and share. The main highlight is the facility to create a sequence of images, one after the other shooting. On the other hand, can not insert images in the gallery of Android. Another negative aspect is that the autofocus wasn't;t activated, while testing the app with the Galaxy Nexus and HTC Wildfire. For this reason, all images were out of focus. As the final file version is free Gifinator low resolution, the fault is not so obvious in the final result. However, those who buy the app may have problems with the GIF for high resolution.

Gifinator-Easily-Create-Average-GIF-Images-Using-Your-Camera-[Android]-(2)  Gifinator-Easily-Create-Average-GIF-Images-Using-Your-Camera-[Android]-(3)

When you open the app, you have access to digital camera Android. To shoot, you need to do the framing and touch the screen. The photo appears in the upper display, and you must click again to capture the next shot. In the free version of Gifinator, you can use up to ten images - which can result in a very cool GIF.If desired, you can change the colors of the image by clicking on the setup icon (the first button at the bottom of the screen).

Gifinator-Easily-Create-Average-GIF-Images-Using-Your-Camera-[Android]-(4)  Gifinator-Easily-Create-Average-GIF-Images-Using-Your-Camera-[Android]-(5)

There are seven different effects that can leave the image in sepia, black and white, negative, among others. After shooting his sequence of images, the next step is to preview your GIF ready. Just below the preview, you set the rate of change of the image by sliding your finger on the blue bar. When everything is ok, click to complete and save your image. The GIF is in low resolution (160x120) in the free version of the app. You may wish to share the file on social networks by clicking the "Share" (share).

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