MoPic - Video Animation GIF Creator: Convert Videos Into Animated GIFs Easily [iPhone]

Mopic is an application for creating animated GIFs. You can record a video or take a few pictures directly with the Mopic he takes care of f...

MoPic---Video-Animation-GIF-Creator-Convert-Videos-Into-Animated-GIFs-Easily-[iPhone]-(1)Mopic is an application for creating animated GIFs. You can record a video or take a few pictures directly with the Mopic he takes care of formatting it as an animated GIF. The program also allows you to add some effects in the images and then send it via Twitter or email. GIF animations are multiple images into a single compressed file, leaving it in a category between photo and video. With it, you can work with simple animations into small files. These animations are widely used on the Internet, especially in electronic messengers like Live Messenger (MSN) or Skype. Mopic is recommended for those who like animated GIFs. The program is simple and suitable for those who do not want to waste time to create a GIF. However, all this simplicity has a downside: The program suffers from the lack of resources for images, such as color filters or adding text.He could also have an option to create custom emoticons, which generally have a limited file size.

MoPic---Video-Animation-GIF-Creator-Convert-Videos-Into-Animated-GIFs-Easily-[iPhone]-(3)  MoPic---Video-Animation-GIF-Creator-Convert-Videos-Into-Animated-GIFs-Easily-[iPhone]-(4)

In our tests, we produced several animations from the iPhone camera. All were exported by email or via Twitter with no problems. However, it does not allow them to be saved in the gallery of gadget. The average time to generate an animation of 3/2 was 3 minutes on an iPhone 3G. An important tip for those who want to use custom emoticons in MSN: messenger does not accept files larger than 150 KB, so you must look at the creation of the images so they do not exceed this limit.Despite Mopic not display the file size, you can control the quality of the animations and the number of frames. The shorter and of lower quality, smaller file size.

MoPic---Video-Animation-GIF-Creator-Convert-Videos-Into-Animated-GIFs-Easily-[iPhone]-(5)  MoPic---Video-Animation-GIF-Creator-Convert-Videos-Into-Animated-GIFs-Easily-[iPhone]-(6)

When selected the option to send the animation by email, the iPhone offers an alternative to shrink the image and thus send it soon. This is a native function of the apparatus and not Mopic.You should never choose this option because it does away with the animation and you lose all the work. Mopic works: you choose a video directly from the iPhone library or record a time. Then just choose which part is selected for the animation and choose speed. Once completed, the result can be sent by email or directly to your Twitter account. You can also use the Mopic to create custom emoticons!


  • Generate random GIFs based on the video you provide
  • Select frames you would like to use in your GIF animation
  • Share it with your friends.

Download MoPic - Video Animation GIF Creator

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