C4 CPU: Check CPU Core & RAM Usage In Real Time To Know About System Health [Windows]

Have you ever wondered how your computer uses each processor cores? With the C4 CPU you can find this along with some other useful informati...

C4-CPU-Check-CPU-Core-&-RAM-Usage-In-Real-Time-To-Know-About-System-Health-[Windows]-(2)-ThumbHave you ever wondered how your computer uses each processor cores? With the C4 CPU you can find this along with some other useful information. This application makes an analysis over all components of your PC and also features several useful information like OS info, Drive Info etc. You can see CPU Core usage and RAM usage by your system real time as the information gets updated by seconds. In addition, the program obtains data about hard drives, operating systems, adapters and their respective characteristics. That way you can get a quick overview of how your system is working. This makes it possible to verify the need for any hardware upgrades, and find out if your computer has the ability to run certain game or program. Few monitors system are able to show the use of separate processors for each core information - and this is the largest differential C4 CPU. In addition to this, the application can show real time info about the use of memory and other components of PC without any problem. More to read.

However, the UI isn’t that much pleasant. Most of the window space is used to display advertisements or news about the developer of the C4 CPU. Other then this, all information about CPU Core and RAM usage as well as additional info regarding different Hardware and hard disc is well managed. At the most we can say that the tool is fairly simple, with only a few menus and no instrument configuration. Still, if you want to find out which application is consuming too many resources on your system or just want to monitor the use of components, test with C4 CPU and check the results it will bring about your machine.


In many situations, you may experience slowdowns or crashes with your operating system. Therefore, depending on the case, an entire documents can be lost or hours of hard working may go to waste - not to mention the hassle of having to wait all back to normal. However, you can avoid this problem. Monitor your PC with the C4 and find out the weak point of your machine. With this, you will know if you need to install more memory, hard drive replacement or even look for a new processor compatible with their needs.


To use some of the functions of the application, search the area Information and select which component you want to analyze. You can choose your hard drives, video adapters, processors and memory cards. Then done, click Get Info and the tool will show the basic data of each item.

C4 CPU is a pretty useful tool to monitor your CPU usage and make sure your system is working normal. With this tool you can find out which applications are consuming most of the system resource uselessly. C4 CPU is a free tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

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