Advanced System Care with Antivirus: All-In-One Tool For Virus Protection & Boost System Performance [Giveaway]

For long times, Advanced System Care from IObit has been my favorite system maintenance tool not only because it’s free, but it’s also real...

Advanced-System-Care-with-Antivirus-All-In-One-Tool-For-Virus-Protection-&-Boost-System-Performance-[Giveaway]-(11)For long times, Advanced System Care from IObit has been my favorite system maintenance tool not only because it’s free, but it’s also real easy to use and effective. I have been using this tool since version 3 and yet now I am using it. Recently, IObit decided to take some help of BitDefender and has created one epic tool to both keep your system free from Virus/Malware as well as with the system optimization features from Advanced System Care. So it came to Advanced System Care with Antivirus finally which will work both as an antivirus and also as a system optimizer tool. Advanced System Care with Antivirus is one of the latest news from IObit which offers everything you need to protect and improve the performance of your computer. In fact, this program is the combination of technologies and features in BitDefender antivirus and cleaning/optimization technology from ASC. So, you have real-time protection against viruses, spyware and other malware, phishing attacks and other threats of the digital change and at the same time, can perform a complete cleanup in Windows - optimizing the processing speed of the machine.  Another advantage of Advanced System Care with Antivirus is its compatibility mode with other security software such as antivirus, firewalls and anti-spyware. This means that if you already have other security mechanism on your computer, you do not need to uninstall it. Truly a brilliant idea to merge two most important tool for any PC into one. More to read.

Note: Advanced System Care with Antivirus 2013 is a paid tool (Free to try) available from $29.99 currently. With the collaboration of IObit, we are giving away 5 six-months license of Advanced System Care with Antivirus 2013 to five of our lucky reader. More details by the end of this article.


Advanced System Care with Antivirus is another excellent option for you to protect your computer as well as to boost system performance. The program interface has a modern and beautiful design. Being compatible with other security software such as antivirus and anti-spyware, allows you to use the Advanced System Care Antivirus as an additional system of protection for your PC. A variety of resources, both for the fight against malware and to increase machine performance is available here to make sure your system is up to the mark. You can make improvements in virtually all areas of your computer - from hardware to operating system. Although we note that the memory consumption of this tool is a bit higher (yet, considerable) then the traditional system optimizer tool, but you should keep in mind that those memory went to serve as both Antivirus and System Optimizer.

While installing the tool, it will detect whether if you have any other security tool like antivirus installed already. If it finds any incompatible software, it will show two options considering one to uninstall the incompatible software (which is recommended) and other to install Advanced System Care with Antivirus in compatible mode. If you want to use this tool as the primary security tool, you should uninstall any previous antivirus but if you want to test this tool before taking any decisions, then select to install in compatible mode.


We previously reviewed many features of Advanced System Care in many times so today we are not going through any of those old features. But if you want to read them:

Advanced System Care with Antivirus has three different methods to scan for viruses. Those are Quick Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan. The difference between the first two modes is basically the level depth to scan for viruses in files and programs. Via the third option, you can select the specific directory or partitions you want to find out. Select the scan mode, the program opens a second window through which you can follow the whole process of analysis files. Among the information presented, are those objects were found, which ones are malicious or had potential threat (being sent to quarantine) and the elapsed time in the scan.


Let it automatically fix all threats by itself. Click Fix and everything will be done. Alternatively, you can select individual action for each threats from here.


Advanced System Care with Antivirus is a brilliant and truly all-in-one system optimizer as well as antivirus tool for Windows. It works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

Download Advanced System Care with Antivirus

Giveaway: We are giving away 5 License Code for Advanced System Care with Antivirus 2013 to 5 of our lucky readers. To get a Free License Code of Advanced System Care with Antivirus 2013, participate in this simple contest. The Giveaway will last 4 days (Till 13th July, 2012). To participate on the contest, complete one of the following process:

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