Chant for Twitter: Unofficial Twitter Client With Elegant UI & Complete Featured Tools [Android]

As the name suggests, Chant for Twitter is an unofficial Twitter client for those who are seeking alternatives to post on the Twitter netwo...

Chant-for-Twitter-Unofficial-Twitter-Client-With-Elegant-UI-&-Complete-Featured-Tools-[Android]-(7)As the name suggests, Chant for Twitter is an unofficial Twitter client for those who are seeking alternatives to post on the Twitter network. If you are tired of the look of the application's official Twitter, you can enjoy the benefits of Chant for Twitter. Here, you have all the network tools together in one place, with a minimalist and modern interface. The features of Chant for Twitter is very good and in some respects, the application comes as a surprise too. The look is by far the most attention in the app: with a modern style, the Chant for Twitter stands out among the thousands of Google options play. The minimalist look and muted colors make the application pretty much. In addition, the menu bar hidden in the bottom of the screen layout makes even better, making room for viewing a larger number of posts in the display. Use the Chant for Twitter is very easy and this makes it the ideal tool for anyone who does not have much practice with mobile versions of social networking. Here you only need a few touches of the screen to view the latest news, respond to RT or on any such content.

Chant-for-Twitter-Unofficial-Twitter-Client-With-Elegant-UI-&-Complete-Featured-Tools-[Android]-(6)  Chant-for-Twitter-Unofficial-Twitter-Client-With-Elegant-UI-&-Complete-Featured-Tools-[Android]-(1)

However, for the most demanding, the Chant for Twitter brings failures that are able to completely devalue the application. The first point that stands out is the bar ad that appears at the top of the display when you request the update of the timeline. Although the resource is discrete, this can be a nuisance to those who do not support advertising applications. Still, what really can be an impediment to the use of Chant for Twitter is that the application simply does not favor the use of Twitter as a social network. Here you can not view profiles, follow or unfollow anyone. Thus, the app limits you to publish and provide publications friends. If you want to manage your network, you need another tool in your gadget, as the Twitter mobile browser on Android.

Chant-for-Twitter-Unofficial-Twitter-Client-With-Elegant-UI-&-Complete-Featured-Tools-[Android]-(2)  Chant-for-Twitter-Unofficial-Twitter-Client-With-Elegant-UI-&-Complete-Featured-Tools-[Android]-(4)

Another downside is for those who are familiar with the lists of the network or for those who like to follow the Trending Topics: Chant for the Twitter does not have these options, which makes the app is left behind in the midst of so many possibilities. Chant is to use Twitter, you only need to log in to your account and authorize the use of the app through Twitter itself. Then you can start using Twitter. At the bottom of the screen menus are all you will need to navigate. Selecting the icon of a house you go to the home page of the application. In the icon located on the opposite side of the panel, you have the button to compose a new post.

In the center of the bottom menu you find a bar that, when pulled up, reveals the full menu, with pages of mentions and direct messages. Here you have access to your entire account. Selecting a post, you enable the tools to answer, RT and may mark the post as a favorite.


  • Home and mentions timelines
  • Direct messages
  • Sending tweets and direct messages
  • Photo upload
  • Username autocomplete
  • Geolocation support
  • Automatic URL shortening and expanding
  • Conversations done right™
  • Loading replies of a tweet
  • Replying, favoriting, retweeting, deleting
  • Photo preview (supports twitter, twitpic, instagram, imgly, imgur, yfrog, and others)
  • Mentions/messages notifications

Chant for Twitter is an elegant client for Twitter works on Android. With some really useful feature, this can be considered as an effective alternative for the official client. Chant for Twitter works on Android 2.2 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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