DeEgger Embedder: One-Click Hide Any File In An Image Using Steganography Method [Windows]

DeEgger Embedder is a very lightweight application that lets you hide a document within an image. This technique is known as steganography a...

DeEgger-Embedder-One-Click-Hide-Any-File-In-An-Image-Using-Steganography-Method-[Windows]-(1)DeEgger Embedder is a very lightweight application that lets you hide a document within an image. This technique is known as steganography and has as main objective to ensure that confidential files can go unnoticed in the eyes of people who may be seeking to steal information. DeEgger Embedder is a program that offers an alternative security for your files. The main advantage is the fact it does not draw attention like a locked folder or a password-protected document. Hardly anyone suspect that an innocent photo is bearing a hidden file. DeEgger Embedder is a Windows tool that makes it easy pickings for you. The program interface is also noteworthy because it is completely directed to the procedure, without displaying menus or advanced options. Both the process to hide the file and the image extracting it is very fast, taking not just more than one minute, even for large-sized documents. Finally, the extracted file is just like the source file without even an extra bit of unusual character.

Note: There are some (really) lengthy and hard process available to hide a file in an image without any software. But those processes are so tough even a pro user will take some time. This tool make exactly the same job in a few clicks instantly. Although to extract the source file(s) from generated image(s), you are going to need this tool again.


Currently, there are several techniques available for you to protect sensitive files. Some of the most used is to store then in a locked folder, encrypt the contents of a document or enter a password that must be used for the opening. The steganography is an alternative way to protect a file, because it goes by just a picture. With this method, you will only keep an accessible image to hide the file(s). People will see and see your image but they won’t imagine what’s in the back of it. To help you apply this method, there are applications like DeEgger Embedder, which has a friendly interface and serves the function to use in any file quickly.


DeEgger Embedder is a very simple but effective program. A major differential is the interface that avoids presenting a series of menus and features, focusing on highlighting the key to complete the procedure. To use it, basically you need to fill the fields displayed on the screen. To get started with DeEgger Embedder, download and install it first. Once installed, run the tool. You will then get the tabbed main menu to manage everything. Note that the first field on Combine Files tab, Select a file host is intended for the image that will host the file. The second, Select the file to embed is for the file(s) you want to hind behind the host image. The last, Log, is only a log so you can track the history of the procedure. Select host image(s) and target files to hide and when everything is done, click Combine. Before starting operation, the application prompts you to indicate the folder where the new file should be save. After that, you can follow the progress of the field in the Application Log.


Note the file size difference between the two same image in the previous image? That’s because the first one is normal image while the second one is the merged image which is hiding a file in it’s back. To extract files for the image, you are also going to need DeEgger Embedder. Simply click the Extract Files tab and locate the image where you added the file to be hidden. After choosing the folder for storing both the hidden file and source image, DeEgger Embedder will automatically extract it for you.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Single Mode (1:1)
  • Multi-Hidden Mode
  • Multi-Host Mode
  • Parallel Mode
  • Quick-Edit Mode
  • Hidden File Encryption
  • Timestamp Modification

DeEgger Embedder is a rather useful tool to bring steganography method right on any users hand. With is simple tool, you will be able to hide (you can also read – disguise) any file in an image so no one may notice it. DeEgger Embedder is a completely freeware tool works on Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.

Download DeEgger Embedder

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