Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner: Change Size, Behavior Or Margin Of Taskbar Thumbnail Or Disable It [Windows 7/8]

Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner is an interesting application that allows you to quickly customize thumbnail...


Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner is an interesting application that allows you to quickly customize thumbnail preview size, style, behavior etc. Normally Thumbnail has a fixed size that can not be changed natively. And that is where this application comes in, it allows to make some important changes, such as resizing windows and changing margins and spacing between them. Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner is an interesting custom program that works perfectly in accordance with its proposal. It is not an essential program, but can be quite useful for those who like to customize the appearance of the computer beyond the native options. This program is very easy to use, since it has only sliders, without more advanced settings. As a portable tool, you don’t need to install it before using, simply plug and play. Additionally, this tool allows you to revert all changes made in a single click to restore Windows’ default. Any change made by this tool doesn’t need a restart to apply, it will just automatically close and restart explorer.exe. More to read.


If you think the default size of thumbnails are too small and want to increase them, simply slide the Thumbnail Size bar to the right to adjust your desired size and click the Apply to see if the size is what you want.


There are several possibilities of change can be made by this tool, such as resizing the outer margins, the vertical and horizontal spacing between windows, the text position and delayed viewing. If you do not like the changes, you can return to their original values ​​by clicking on Default.

Taskbar Thumbnail Tuner is indeed a nice and safe to use tool to tune the tumbnail style in Windows Aero. It is a full free portable tool works on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Release Preview.

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