Skipping Stone: Throw & Control The Stone Jump Over The Lake [iPhone Game]

If you have ever played to throw pebbles into lakes to see how far they would go, you'll love the adventure of Skipping Stone. In this g...

Skipping-Stone-Throw-&-Control-The-Stone-Jump-Over-The-Lake-[iPhone-Game]-(6)If you have ever played to throw pebbles into lakes to see how far they would go, you'll love the adventure of Skipping Stone. In this game you have a stone in hand and must make her jump as much as possible the surface water.Otherwise, it sinks and you can lose the game. If you search for a simple game, which casual, but enjoyable, then you'll love the Skipping Stone. This game will leave you with my eyes glued to the screen for a long time. All that matters here is to keep the attention and have quick movements. The controls respond accurately to all commands given by the user, making the game more interesting. The colorful images and lively track make the Skipping Stone has a rather playful, however, the game is not easy and will leave even the best players with all the concentration toward the screen.

Skipping-Stone-Throw-&-Control-The-Stone-Jump-Over-The-Lake-[iPhone-Game]-(1)  Skipping-Stone-Throw-&-Control-The-Stone-Jump-Over-The-Lake-[iPhone-Game]-(2)

The controls are very easy to understand: when the rock is near the mark in the water, you must give a touch screen. With that she jumps and over again for the fall. As you progress through the game, the speed will increase and you need to focus even more, giving touches ever faster. On the left side of the screen you will find a bar that shows the current condition of the stone, as the energy expended and available. The lower marker and red is worse is the situation. If you miss a lot, the game ends and you must start the game. Along the way shown surprises. They may be good or bad, so keep an eye when a red box on the screen to jump.

Skipping-Stone-Throw-&-Control-The-Stone-Jump-Over-The-Lake-[iPhone-Game]-(3) Skipping-Stone-Throw-&-Control-The-Stone-Jump-Over-The-Lake-[iPhone-Game]-(4) Skipping-Stone-Throw-&-Control-The-Stone-Jump-Over-The-Lake-[iPhone-Game]-(5)

Always before starting a game, you can buy some items help with the points already earned in the game. When things tighten, just select one for your stone and get some new life or more wings that make your taps are no longer needed for a period of time. The Skipping Stone is free, but you can purchase additional packages by the app, bringing more coins for the game, which allows you to use more and more items to help during games.

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