Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering - Prepare Your Warrior To A Battle To The Death [iPhone Game]

In Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering, you will find a challenging game of strategy and fight completel...

Juggernaut-Revenge-of-Sovering---Prepare-Your-Warrior-To-A-Battle-To-The-Death-[iPhone-Game]-(1)In Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering, you will find a challenging game of strategy and fight completely set in a magical world. In control of a warrior well, your goal is to defeat all the monsters and creatures from the world of shadows. Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering is a game of strategy and turn-based combat that puts players into a magical world full of monsters. To survive the perilous adventure, gamers must coordinate their attacks carefully, which makes the battles much more exciting. Unlike other games of this genre, the Warriors do not have open worlds to explore or worry about traveling long distances because all challenges are sequential. This may disappoint people who are looking for a game of adventure and exploration, but it is a detail that allows a quick gambling and more agile.

Juggernaut-Revenge-of-Sovering---Prepare-Your-Warrior-To-A-Battle-To-The-Death-[iPhone-Game]-(2)  Juggernaut-Revenge-of-Sovering---Prepare-Your-Warrior-To-A-Battle-To-The-Death-[iPhone-Game]-(3)

The three-dimensional visuals are without doubt the biggest highlight of the work, because all the elements are realistic modeling of the highest quality, and the textures also impressed by definition. Although the title is not compatible with the level of quality found in the current generation of consoles, not long to reach this level title. The set also impressed by the sound quality. All battles are packed with a great track classical music that makes you feel the Middle Ages. In turn, the effects of the blows and spells are also satisfactory.


To start a battle against a beast, simply press the "Attack!" That lies at the center of the screen.The attacks must be coordinated using the colored circle that appears underneath the creature. There are always three possibilities: an attack from the front, from left or right. You must slide your finger in the desired corner when it is green, maximizing the power of the blow. Otherwise, the enemy can block the attack or suffer little damage.


  • Great graph set.
  • Spectacular sounds.
  • Clever combat mechanics.

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