noozy: Crystal Clear Music Playback With Stunning Audio Engine & Modern Clean Interface [Android]

noozy is a multimedia player for Android that lets you enjoy your entire music library with an excellent level of quality. The application i...

noozy-Crystal-Clear-Music-Playback-With-Stunning-Audio-Engine-&-Modern-Clean-Interface-[Android]-(1)noozy is a multimedia player for Android that lets you enjoy your entire music library with an excellent level of quality. The application itself has an equalizer whose goal is to leave the audio as clean as possible. noozy is undoubtedly one of the most complete multimedia players and intuitive that you can find for free on Google Play. The player has a lot of features such as support letters, and equalizer also lets you rotate podcasts. The clean interface, which is the hallmark of the tool may seem a bit confusing for people who are used to other programs more colorful. However, a few minutes to explore all the resources and realize the qualities of minimalist layout. The most amazing thing that made me switch to noozy is it’s brilliant audio filter engine delivering the most crystal clear audio possible. More to read.


The music player is great because you can filter your library by artist, band, genre and give their playlist. The video player does not offer the same filters, but has a set of advanced settings that should draw the attention of the most demanding because you can customize every inch of the interface and also configure the download of covers.

 noozy-Crystal-Clear-Music-Playback-With-Stunning-Audio-Engine-&-Modern-Clean-Interface-[Android]-(8)  noozy-Crystal-Clear-Music-Playback-With-Stunning-Audio-Engine-&-Modern-Clean-Interface-[Android]-(7)

The search tool works very well, quickly locating podscasts from famous channel like Tekzilla, Destructoid and Rev3Games. Radio stations are also satisfactory, and you can find music to suit all tastes. The player also supports playback of videos and podcasts, plus connect to radios online and access a database of song lyrics. From the main menu and all submenus in the app, all the options are organized with simple titles positioned strategically on dark background. To provide more options or change the filter on a screen, just slide your finger from left to right.

noozy-Crystal-Clear-Music-Playback-With-Stunning-Audio-Engine-&-Modern-Clean-Interface-[Android]-(1)  noozy-Crystal-Clear-Music-Playback-With-Stunning-Audio-Engine-&-Modern-Clean-Interface-[Android]-(9)


  • Intuitive and clear modern interface .
  • Equalizer with great quality.
  • Online radio support.
  • Support for podcasts.


  • Headset control should be implemented for stock headphones.

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