Moborobo: Complete Mobile Management Suite For Android & iOS With Powerful Integration [Windows]

If you are looking for a Windows tool to manage your Smartphone from PC (PC Suite), Moborobo can be a good application for you then. This t...

Moborobo-Complete-Mobile-Management-Suite-For-Android-&-iOS-With-Powerful-Integration-[Windows]-(12)If you are looking for a Windows tool to manage your Smartphone from PC (PC Suite), Moborobo can be a good application for you then. This tool has many excellent features and it’s almost essential for anybody who owns an Android or iPhone to install it on PC. With it, you can back up all content of your smartphone (including Contacts, SMSs, Calendars and Notes), edit contacts, calendar, view and send text messages, access the multimedia files and more. The main advantage of Moborobo is that it has native support for a wide rage of devices. For some devices, you must have the device driver installed on your machine so that the operating system recognizes it, but you do not have to worry about complicated settings as the program can detect your smartphone by itself. Moborobo is undoubtedly one of the best mobile manager suite available for Android and iOS devices. This tool is pretty lightweight considering other similar tools and is really easy to use even for the newbies. More to read.


The automatic connection of devices with the computer is a pretty useful feature of this tool. You need not to waste time configuring the device to have it recognized by the program. Everything is done automatically, without any complication. The UI of Moborobo is easy to understand with accessible menu buttons for different options. Besides having all the items well organized and easily accessible, the look of the program is really beautiful, making it very pleasant to use.  Another feature of the program that deserves mention is the large number of supported file formats. During our tests, the entire contents of audio, video, text and image was displayed and executed without any problem. The only negative side of Moborobo is the restricted access to the contents of the iPhone. But remember that this is not the fault of the developers. Apple has a certain reputation for hindering access to data stored on their devices from external applications.

To get started with Moborobo, download and install it first. Once installed, run the tool to let your phone be detected. Moborobo allows you to connect your devices to your computer using the traditional way (with USB cable) or WiFi. Thus, it is possible to have multiple devices communicating simultaneously with the PC, even if the number of USB ports is limited. To be able to connect via Wi-Fi, you will need to install an app on the device called Moborobo Daemon and use the security code generated. This ensures that only authorized smartphones able to exchange information with Moborobo, preventing the spread of viruses from other devices. When you connect a device via USB, Moborobo Daemon will be automatically installed there.


With Moborobo, you can access almost all contents on your mobile device. On the main windows of the program, you will find some useful information such as Firmware version, SD Card/Device Memory dertails, space occupied by each type of data to disk and more. In addition, there is a small toolbar at the bottom of the screen, through which you can access your contacts, messages, files, applications, music and videos stored on the device. Backing up all data on the gadget can also be done at once, using the button Backup/Restore button in the main window. To view the directory structure on the disk system, you can use the built-in file manager of Moborobo by clicking on the File Manager button. Despite the different interface, the feature works the same way as Windows Explorer.


What draws the most attention in Moborobo is that it allows you to edit and remove any data stored on the SD card or internal memory device. Contacts, applications, messages or multimedia files, everything can be viewed, reproduced, copied, or simply erased. Each button present on top of the screen gives access to a content type. For example, you can view all applications installed on the device under Apps tab. Here you will be able to check all installed apps on your device, change default installation location (install on SD Card or on Device Memory), backup apps on PC or bulk install apps for APK files.


From the Data tab, you will be able to manage (Add/Edit, Delete) contacts, check and send messages or even check Call Logs. Contact Manages shows a list with all your contacts for your device grouped and more. From Message Center, you will able to pull all SMSs from your device in a threaded form. You will also be able backup messages either as a XML, TXT or XLS file.

Although the previous examples are using an Android device, Moborobo works neatly with iPhone too. While the list of features with Android integration is almost complete for Android, due to restriction from Apple, iPhone isn’t fully integrated with Moborobo. Yet it provides some comprehensive features to manage your iOS device using Windows. Not only does the program support connecting to an iOS device, itlso displays complete info about the device and offers complete data management too. Although it’s worth mentioning that you will not be able to connect iOS devices using Wi-Fi with Moborobo.

To check whether your smartphone or tablet is supported by Moborobo, simply access the list from the developers site. It's a way to make sure that the device will be recognized by the program without problems.

Finally, Moborobo is the perfect smartphone manager tool for Windows out there. During our tests, we didn’t find any problem except for multi-device connection. We tested Moborobo on Windows 7 32-Bit and Windows 8 Release Preview 32-Bit with HTC Wildfire (Froyo 2.2), Galaxy Nexus (ICS), iPhone 4 (iOS 4.0) and iPhone 4S (iOS 5.0.1).

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