Stachematic Camera: Create Funny Images From Portrait To Make Laugh Out Of Others [iPhone]

If you want to have fun with your friends, you can really enjoy the game in Stachematic Camera. The application is simple to use and you wil...

Stachematic-Camera-Create-Funny-Images-From-Portrait-To-Make-Laugh-Out-Of-Others-[iPhone]-(1)If you want to have fun with your friends, you can really enjoy the game in Stachematic Camera. The application is simple to use and you will not have much work to create a lot of fun photos. To begin, open the Stachematic Camera to take the pictures. If you prefer, choose a front camera for a self-portrait. Stachematic Camera application is a very fun and should not disappoint anybody: their effects are great fun and the app works exactly as its description promises. You do not even have the job of positioning the whiskers, as Stachematic Camera does everything alone. The only downside of the system is that it provides few options for mustaches to choose from.Even if they have a great quality, would be ideal to provide the app even more styles for you to enjoy.

Stachematic-Camera-Create-Funny-Images-From-Portrait-To-Make-Laugh-Out-Of-Others-[iPhone]-(2)  Stachematic-Camera-Create-Funny-Images-From-Portrait-To-Make-Laugh-Out-Of-Others-[iPhone]-(3)

Once the image is captured, the very Stachematic Camera recognizes the faces in the picture and asks you to choose the people they want to preach the piece. Once you determine who gets a mustache, you can now choose the model for each person. By selecting one of the whiskers, a menu opens on the right side and you just need to choose the model that suits that person. You can change how often you want the mustache. In addition, you can even choose a new color for the bar that sits at the bottom of the screen.


To get a result even cooler, you can use the selection tool, which is the last button on the right side of the palette. Thus, you can use hair colors of the person to leave the mustache even more real. When the result is as you imagine, just select "Next" and choose a filter to the photo, leaving the picture even better. So you just need to confirm the image and choose the social network where you want to share content.



  • 9 ‘staches, including the Dali, Big Jim, and Groucho!
  • Custom color matcher
  • Advanced facial recognition
  • One-tap sharing to Twitter, Facebook, or email
  • Custom email template
  • 6 color filters

Stachematic Camera is a nice free funny camera app for iPhone. It turns normal portrait images into funny one easily with layer and filters. Stachematic Camera works on iOS 4.3 or later and is available for free on iTunes App Store.

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