Babylon Touch: Capture Texts Via Camera And Get Translation Of It [iPhone]

Babylon Touch is a text translator client for iPhone that puts an interactive screen on your iOS, which works like one of those pens that, ...

Babylon-Touch-Capture-Texts-Via-Camera-And-Get-Translation-Of-It-[iPhone]-(1)Babylon Touch is a text translator client for iPhone that puts an interactive screen on your iOS, which works like one of those pens that, when passed on the terms, say the meaning of the word searched. The functioning of Babylon Touch is just perfect. The rapidity with which the description of the term is displayed on the screen is excellent, but what really attracts attention is the complexity of the definition. If the term is that you have researched a book, movie or name of a work of art, for example, the application shows various data about the item. All search terms during the tests showed real descriptions that reflected and real meaning of the word and even expressions. That is, regarding the accuracy of the results, the Touch Babylon is to be congratulated, because worked so well.

Babylon-Touch-Capture-Texts-Via-Camera-And-Get-Translation-Of-It-[iPhone]-(5)  Babylon-Touch-Capture-Texts-Via-Camera-And-Get-Translation-Of-It-[iPhone]-(2)

As the screen shows the picture of the text and only use the bottom to display the meaning of the word, Babylon Touch interface does not show much so that this item could be analyzed correctly. However, it is possible to say that the submission of the application is very good, especially with regard to the historical research, which shows all the separate items in a clear and organized.Moreover, this section makes it very easy to use Touch of Babylon, providing shortcuts to the last terms used.

Babylon-Touch-Capture-Texts-Via-Camera-And-Get-Translation-Of-It-[iPhone]-(3)  Babylon-Touch-Capture-Texts-Via-Camera-And-Get-Translation-Of-It-[iPhone]-(4)

However, the only difference is that the Touch Babylon shows a description of the term on their screens instead of talking. With it, you can take pictures of books, magazines and miscellaneous paper and choose which words will be translated. The application comes configured as to translate words in foreign languages ​​to Brazilian Portuguese. However, you can change these options and can use even to know how a Brazilian term is known in English, for example. All entries surveyed are saved in a kind of historical Babylon Touch, allowing you to re-visit them whenever you want.

How to use Babylon Touch?

  1. Hold iPhone directly over the text
  2. Touch a word on your screen to translate it
  3. View translation in the bottom box
  4. Touch the blue arrow to get detailed dictionary results
  5. To capture a new text, just tap the Camera button

No offense, Babylon Touch a great tool to for any people who might need to read some texts from an unknown language. With the unique concept of this tool, all you need to do is just capture an image of a text and it will translate the text for you. Babylon Touch works on iOS 4.0 or later and is available for free on iTunes App Store.

Download Babylon Touch

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