Backup Saved Games Data & Games Progress And Restore Them Later Using

One of the most unwanted situations and moments that every Computer Gamer faces and wants to forget is the lost of saved games, game approac...

Backup-Saved-Games-Data-&-Games-Progress-And-Restore-Them-Later-Using-SaveGameBackup1One of the most unwanted situations and moments that every Computer Gamer faces and wants to forget is the lost of saved games, game approaches and achievements. was developed thinking about it, a portable freeware program that automatically detects all games installed on the computer and backs up all the information about the player's progress, in a word – all saved games. So, now there’s no need to worry about losing several hour in staring at the monitor trying to recover items lost due to several reasons like Hard disc crash, accidental format or delete or other. Another situation the program should be considered as very useful is when trying to format or change your System. Although many recent games allows to store player's progress online, most still require the player to navigate through Hard Drive folders to find the saved file. With the, this process becomes much simpler. Just make frequent backups to be always attached with your favorite games. The is a great software for gamers concerned about the integrity of his/her progress in the games installed on the PC to backup all approaches and then restore if he/she faces any unwanted problem. The simple interface of this application lets you quickly access the options to backup and restore data, it becomes even easier with automatic detection of installed games.

The lack of additional advanced settings do not make any change to the usefulness of the application, since it doesn’t affect the overall performance of the program. The only complaint is the lack of support for older games(mostly released before 2000). The available features are well enough to make the program essential for anyone who used to be a serious gamer.


Using is real easy. It’s portable and has automatic games detection powered by it’s own games database which makes it real handy. Once the starts, let it do a comprehensive analysis of the computer and within seconds it will show a complete list of games installed. To backup and keep your saved games in a secure location, just select the games you want to backup and then select a folder in which the saved games will be securely saved. Then click Backup and wait a moment while the program creates several files for each games with all the information about their progress.


Restoring the information is also a simple task. On the Restore tab, just select the folder where the backups were saved and then click on Refresh List. You will then find all backed up games in the list. Select those you want to get back and then click on Restore.


The doesn’t not provide many configuration options available, only a few filters that prevent accidents. You can prevent the possible changes of overwriting or deleting old saves backup list of flash games or those belonging to a Steam account from the options tab. is indeed a great tool to backup save data and approaches of installed games and then restore them later. It is a freeware tool available as portable package. runs on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista while we also find it working perfectly on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.


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