Smart App Protector: Protect Installed App Or Prevent Auto-Rotating Via Password/Patterns [Android]

Smart App Protector(app lock) is a security software whose purpose is to protect your gadget and applications by unauthorized persons. Smart...

Smart-App-Protector-Protect-Installed-App-Or-Prevent-Auto-Rotating-Via-PasswordPatterns-[Android]-(1)Smart App Protector(app lock) is a security software whose purpose is to protect your gadget and applications by unauthorized persons. Smart App Protector is a great option for people worried about their safety. The tool allows you to bar the access to any app installed on your gadget and also limits some features of the apps that you select. During our test, the blocking of apps worked perfectly, making it impossible to run any program without first entering the password default. The feature that prevents the screen is turned off also works perfectly. The large amount of configuration options add points to the application, which allows also block the USB connection, connections and 3G networks. However, these features depend on the hardware used and can not work on all devices.

Smart-App-Protector-Protect-Installed-App-Or-Prevent-Auto-Rotating-Via-PasswordPatterns-[Android]-(2)  Smart-App-Protector-Protect-Installed-App-Or-Prevent-Auto-Rotating-Via-PasswordPatterns-[Android]-(3)

To fulfill its objective, the tool provides several options for you to block access by requiring a secret password. At first you add programs to be protected on the "Running". Thus, access to any of the listed applications will be barred by requesting a password. In the tab "Screen", you can add programs which when run, prevent the display of your device is turned off. Flap Rotation works similarly to the previous one, but the functionality prevents apps listed to change the screen orientation. To change your default password (7777), you select the "Password" from the Settings tab.

Smart-App-Protector-Protect-Installed-App-Or-Prevent-Auto-Rotating-Via-PasswordPatterns-[Android]-(5) Smart-App-Protector-Protect-Installed-App-Or-Prevent-Auto-Rotating-Via-PasswordPatterns-[Android]-(6) Smart-App-Protector-Protect-Installed-App-Or-Prevent-Auto-Rotating-Via-PasswordPatterns-[Android]-(7)


  • Protect installed apps using password or pattern
  • Prevent the screen from turning off (when selected app is running)
  • Prevent the screen from auto-rotating (when selected app is running)

Smart App Protector(app lock) is an excellent tool to protect your installed apps for others. With this tool, additionally, you can prevent screen from turning off while running an app and also prevent auto-rotating an app. Smart App Protector(app lock) works on Android 2.0 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

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