Powerful Switchman: Easily Create HTC Sense Like Customizable Switch Widget For Various Functions [Android]

Powerful Switchman is a very interesting widget to your phone screen. With it you can add up to eight buttons with quick controls such as vo...

Powerful-Switchman-Easily-Create-HTC-Sense-Like-Customizable-Switch-Widget-For-Various-Functions-[Android]-(1)Powerful Switchman is a very interesting widget to your phone screen. With it you can add up to eight buttons with quick controls such as volume and screen illumination. Powerful Switchman is one of the best widgets that exist in Google switchers Play. It is beautiful, very customizable and comes with great options for buttons. The customization window is intuitive and easy to modify the colors and designs of the widget. Who likes simplicity and discrete widgets need to test this, which has up to transparency, to ensure it will not hinder the view of the wallpaper, for example. One of the strengths is being able to exchange even the color of the marker that indicates the state of the switcher. Despite being the most beautiful and customizable, it loses some usability. For example, the control screen brightness has previously established some adjustments and switches between them, but most indicated that it would provide a slider for the user to choose exactly the point of illumination. The same happens with the ring volume and applications. More to read.

Powerful-Switchman-Easily-Create-HTC-Sense-Like-Customizable-Switch-Widget-For-Various-Functions-[Android]-(2)  Powerful-Switchman-Easily-Create-HTC-Sense-Like-Customizable-Switch-Widget-For-Various-Functions-[Android]-(3)

These points are very important when choosing a widget like this, and Switchman Powerful could be much better with a few changes. However, if you care enough about the appearance of your screen is worth installing this application, because their widgets are really beautiful. The look of this widget is very customizable and you can choose the buttons in a wide range of possibilities, as the tools of connectivity (Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and 3G), options for backlighting, and volume of applications and touch more.

Powerful-Switchman-Easily-Create-HTC-Sense-Like-Customizable-Switch-Widget-For-Various-Functions-[Android]-(4)  Powerful-Switchman-Easily-Create-HTC-Sense-Like-Customizable-Switch-Widget-For-Various-Functions-[Android]-(5)

Using a widget of this kind you get much more practical, since no longer have to go to the settings for leagues and off the tools you use most on your phone or tablet. You can add widgets of various sizes, from 1x1 to a button set up an eight switchers, occupying an entire row of your screen. Customize the appearance of each block individually and use the settings app to set the default values ​​for the buttons.


  • Change name for any settings.
  • Save various custom settings model.
  • Custom widget theme (show indicator, dividing line, tag for widget as well as change their colors).
  • Special brightness settings to save battery.
  • Network and Power saving model provided.
  • Change widget background colors and transparency.
  • Four different widget size.
  • All kinds of settings to select.

Powerful Switchman is an easy customizable switch widget generator for Android. It works on Android 1.6 or later and is available for free on Google Play.

Download Powerful Switchman

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