PhotoBox: Batch Share Photos In Facebook And Browse/Manage Them [Android & iPhone]

PhotoBox is an image manager developed especially to facilitate the lives of people and very often u...

sshot-1PhotoBox is an image manager developed especially to facilitate the lives of people and very often use the photo sharing service offered by Facebook. With this application, you can view all the photos that have a relationship with you.  That is in addition of allowing you to administrate the photographs posted by you, the application also makes it possible to manage the images posted by your friends in which you are scheduled. The program allows you to insert filters and effects in the images as you capture them and a little before posting them. The application also offers the option of editing the tags related to photographs already published. That is, if you've been tagged in a photo, but I would like to remove the tag, just use the PhotoBox to undo this action.


To use batch select mode while browsing through an album, tap the button from the top-right corner of the screen. Doing so will allow you to download selective or all photos at once. Tapping a photo’s thumbnail displays it in full-screen. While in full-screen, you can tap anywhere on the photo to reveal filters, included tags, as well as the Like, Share, Tag, Untag and comments button. Using the button at the top, you can download that particular photo to your device, and/or hide all the tags/description attached to it.



  • View your own photos or those posted by friends
  • Remove yourselves from any tagged photos
  • Edit and Apply special photo effects to any photo while viewing
  • Quickly download single or multiple photos at once into organized easy-to-navigate folders
  • Batch upload photos to new or old Facebook albums
  • Post photos to Facebook Timeline
  • ‘Like’ and add comments to Facebook photos
  • View ‘Liked Photos’in a single folder
  • Back up and view Facebook photos offline
  • Easily search photos by album or friend name
  • Share photos via email

PhotoBox is a good alternate tool to enhance photo sharing and management feature of Facebook and Android and iPhone. It works on iOS 4.0 or later and Android 2.2 or later and available for free on Google Play and iTunes App Store.

Download PhotoBox For Android

Download PhotoBox For iPhone

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