Will Windows 8’s Radical Changes Make Windows 7 The Next XP Causing 8’s Failure? [Discussion]

More then ten years back, Microsoft released Windows XP Operating System that came to resolve the errors they've committed in Windows...


More then ten years back, Microsoft released Windows XP Operating System that came to resolve the errors they've committed in Windows 2000 or other earlier versions. I liked Windows XP and just like others users, I have used it for long time even after release of Windows Vista. Actually, Windows XP was the only system for most of the people. It won a huge number of fans who were so addicted to this system that they didn't care about Vista, which may be a reason of the massive flop of Windows Vista. Even many of those XP users are still prefer older system more then Windows 7. This old legend is known to everyone. Now, the legend is on the verge of being repeated. Through the launch of Windows 7, Microsoft persuaded many consumers to abandon XP. However, they are now about to launch a new operating system - which may well resemble the steps they took with Vista. Will Windows 7 will be the new XP? Will it stand up to diminish shine of Windows 8? Let us discuss here.

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Is Windows 7 Good Enough?

At this stage, there is no way to certainly confirm or make sure that Windows 7 is going to be as grand as the XP. Despite being the most used system today, I must remind you that Microsoft has used a successful strategy to force users to migrate to Windows 7. The arrival of the new system occurred simultaneously with the removal of Vista and XP from their shelves. This does not mean that all were forced to change their system neither it means that Windows 7 is bad. On the contrary, the final version of Windows 7 is solid and well developed. Of course, it is not the favorite of everybody, but you must agree with me that it is much better than Vista - and possibly even than XP. I have used both Windows XP and Windows 7 for long time and in my opinion, Windows 7 was the perfect system back in 2010 just like XP was in 2003–2006.

Why Would I May Switch To Windows 8?

I have personally adopted the Windows 7 during he initial launch and abandoned the XP without hesitation. The new system has brought stability, the Aero interface evolved and improved support for a wide range of devices without even drivers. I can stay with this version for a few more years, if Windows 8 is not all that is promised. However, each has their own reasons to adopt a system. What motivated me to choose Windows 7 was to get a elegant UI (Aero was that thing stands out) and to update DirectX. Although I am not any serious gamer, yet to pair with those trending products, I did go for an upgrade. So, if Microsoft releases new API for Windows 8 only,  maybe I'll have to (read - forced to) go for upgrade once again.

Despite this issue of games, I do not intend to switch to Windows 8 soon. I tested the previous system and liked what I experienced. However, many people must think the same way as me: Windows 7 meets all my needs. Not everyone likes to play on the computer. If you use other system resources and is satisfied with what it offers, it may be that Windows 7 really is your new XP. However, the opposite situation exists, you may be surprised by an even lighter, cheaper and beautiful system. Everything is actually depending on the strategy from Microsoft.

Will Windows 8 Be The Next Vista?

That’s the biggest question in my mind, Vista was a terrible disaster for Microsoft. Until now, Microsoft with Windows 8 has been impressing with innovative features and enhancements that promises significant improvements for a more multimedia experience. Recently, I wrote an article describing the reasons that can make Windows 8 the best Windows ever. And believe me, it has so much potential with several new tools to (really) be the next spark from Microsoft. I honestly do not believe that only the innovative visual affects will be the reason for success of the system. I understand that Microsoft is trying to grab all the markets with their latest Metro UI - and this can be a major role. In addition, Windows 8 will not be unique for tablets and touchscreens as Windows Phone has this since version 7.

As for performance issues, I see Windows 8 as a 80% successful system. Unlike Vista, Windows 8 does surly shows faster and better performance - at least on the Consumer Preview and the Release Preview. The performance is remarkable even in the most basic computers. Also the minimum hardware requirement is promising as anyone running Windows 7 will be able to install Windows 8 without any hardware upgrade.

Windows 7 Will Be The Next XP If-

If Windows 8 fails early on, then we have another system from Microsoft that will last for at least five more years. Windows 7 may be outdated, it may be because the developer not throwing the newest technology like DirectX and as also confirmed by Microsoft, support will end in 2020, but nothing will prevent consumers continue using what they think best.

Final Thoughts

After all, there are no point in joining the new just to follow the fashion. I for one, seek utility and versatility in the system. From the moment that a company aims to focus only on visual attractions or leaves an important platform - as the Desktop - only to pay attention to mobile devices like tablet, I rather think that it will be much more interesting to use something old, but functional. Many things can happen from here now. Everything is in the hands of Microsoft, and in a few months we'll find out how revolutionary the Windows 8 is go into be. Do you have big expectations from Windows 8? Which system are you using now? Will to be the first persons to try Windows 8? Leave your opinion and show your love for your favorite Windows version.


  1. I really don't understand what you guys have in Windows 8 but I didn't found anything interesting. The boring metro, same old system type......you know what, i am goimg to stick to my win7

  2. Windows 8 rp was great! Installed this in 7 minutes flat and 3 minutes to personalize, all my settings were remembered and all my favorites in place which is one good thing about Windows 8. All programs and drivers reinstalled using compatibility mode for Windows 7. Everything reinstalled and back to normal but with zero bugs in less than one hour.

  3. Installed in 7 mins? Are you kidding? What's ur hw config


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