BitTorrent Beta - Torrent App: Official Torrent Client From BitTorrent Inc. Arrived For Android

BitTorrent Beta - Torrent App is the mobile version of the famous torrent manager BitTorrent. With the help of the tool, you can now downloa...

BitTorrent-Beta---Torrent-App-Official-Torrent-Client-From-BitTorrent-Inc.-Arrived-For-Android-(1)BitTorrent Beta - Torrent App is the mobile version of the famous torrent manager BitTorrent. With the help of the tool, you can now download any content on the Internet without a computer. If you use your Android gadget for everything and are tired of relying on a PC to download content via torrent, BitTorrent Beta - Torrent App can help. The application provides a simplified version of the famous manager available on Windows. However, you have access to more resources, such as controlling the transfer fees and configuration of network ports. The clean interface is one of the biggest highlights of the tool, since the split into tabs leaves no doubt about the contents of the file lists. Clicking on an item, you will find options to pause, restart, and view the files on torrent. At the time of starting a new download, the option to choose the destination directory is very practical and adds a lot of points to the app.

BitTorrent-Beta---Torrent-App-Official-Torrent-Client-From-BitTorrent-Inc.-Arrived-For-Android-(2)  BitTorrent-Beta---Torrent-App-Official-Torrent-Client-From-BitTorrent-Inc.-Arrived-For-Android-(3)

The browser integration significantly improves the standard system integration and usability of the app, since you do not have to worry about copying and pasting links long. Although the transfer rates are lower than those found in the program for the PC, this is due to hardware limitations of the platform. With a clean and intuitive interface, you add new torrents from your default browser.

BitTorrent-Beta---Torrent-App-Official-Torrent-Client-From-BitTorrent-Inc.-Arrived-For-Android-(4) BitTorrent-Beta---Torrent-App-Official-Torrent-Client-From-BitTorrent-Inc.-Arrived-For-Android-(5) BitTorrent-Beta---Torrent-App-Official-Torrent-Client-From-BitTorrent-Inc.-Arrived-For-Android-(6)

When you find a torrent on the web, your browser will ask what program you want to use to manage the file. Thus, simply select the "BitTorrent Beta" to start downloading. You see all your torrents on the "All Torrents." In turn, the tab "Completed" displays the completed downloads, and "Downloading" displays the torrents are being downloaded. To interact with an element, simply tap on it in the list.

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