Pictorama: Become A Photographer And Earn Money With Your Photos [iPhone]

Pictorama is an application for those who are passionate about pictures and want to earn money with it. The method is simple: you shoot, sen...

Pictorama-Become-A-Photographer-And-Earn-Money-With-Your-Photos-[iPhone]-(1)Pictorama is an application for those who are passionate about pictures and want to earn money with it. The method is simple: you shoot, send the image to the assessment and, if accepted, it goes to a database. Pictorama has a simple interface, well made and flashy. Vibrant colors, lines and different textures and drawn the attention and arrest the person. The "theme" of the app is also very appealing because it is not always possible to make money using only your cell phone. The system to take pictures and send them for evaluation is simple and fast, resulting in a practical and efficient. Also, go through a "proof" before you start selling guarantees results with a minimum of quality, ensuring the reliability of stock photos. The tutorial is also very useful tips, so that the person will not be taking pictures for nothing - and then seeing all of them being rejected. Thus, there are time savings and new recruit really understand the pattern of the application.

Pictorama-Become-A-Photographer-And-Earn-Money-With-Your-Photos-[iPhone]-(2)  Pictorama-Become-A-Photographer-And-Earn-Money-With-Your-Photos-[iPhone]-(3)

The major drawback is the lack of a time for evaluation of the picture. When the person uploading the image, there is no knowing how soon the answer will appear - nor is there answer to that. The evaluation assesses the quality of images - evaluating the color, focus, subject, among other features. Every time someone buys your photo, you win some of the money spent.

Pictorama-Become-A-Photographer-And-Earn-Money-With-Your-Photos-[iPhone]-(4) Pictorama-Become-A-Photographer-And-Earn-Money-With-Your-Photos-[iPhone]-(5) Pictorama-Become-A-Photographer-And-Earn-Money-With-Your-Photos-[iPhone]-(6)

As the developer wrote the Pictorama is a kind of community. And to be part of it, it is necessary to first register. There are two ways to do this: using the data from your Facebook site or accessing the application. Once you download the application on your smartphone and open it, you'll come across a window divided into five parts. The first is the "Shoot", where you get the picture. If you like the picture, just tap "use" fill in the requested areas and arrange for evaluation.

The second is named "Check", and is the area that has several tips to make your pictures come out with style and quality of application - causing it to be accepted into the database more easily. Of advice on light, focus and even about color. In the division "My Pictures", gives you all the pictures for you. In "Account", you can change your registration information such as name and address.

In the upper right corner of the screen, you can find other two icons. The left, represented by a dollar sign and numbers, housing data in relation to their money. The other is the area where you can evaluate the picture of other people so that they can enter the database.

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