DNA To Store Data In Future? Scientists Were Able To Convert A Book Into A Strand Of Genetic Code [Scientist]

Memory cards, USB sticks and external hard drives are capable of storing a large amount of data in a...

DNA-To-Store-Data-In-Future-Scientists-Were-Able-To-Convert-A-Book-Into-A-Strand-Of-Genetic-Code-[Scientist]Memory cards, USB sticks and external hard drives are capable of storing a large amount of data in a relatively small space, right? But are we contented yet? While Nano technology is making it’s way to everywhere, we are yet looking for more convenient solution. But nothing compares with the new discovery by scientists at Harvard University, studying a way to use DNA (yes, the DNA which stores the genetic code of any living thing) to store files. The team was able to convert a book of 53,000 words, 11 images and an application in JavaScript in a chain of molecules of that substance. The data were stored as pairs of nucleotides (which you might be familiar with if you have studied biology), which receive the information in the form of binary code and are assembled in a DNA chain. To read it all back, just use a DNA sequencing technology - something available only in laboratories, for now. More to read.

Of course this is not easy: the process of encoding data in these molecules (and vice versa) is extremely complicated, as well as the synthesis of the chains embedding into smaller blocks of information. The cost is still high, but it may be worth in the future.

What can be the major advantages of using DNA, the basis for all life forms, to store data as it is extremely abundant and can last much longer than other materials, even when exposed to adverse conditions of temperature, for example. Moreover, there is the matter of size, which would made this the most economical method of data storage has discovered, even better than the flash memory.

Source: ScienceMag

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