Pinterest: The Official Mobile Application For The Currently Trending Network Pinterest Is Available [Android & iPhone]

If you're a fan of Pinterest, should already be waiting for the release of the mobile network. Now you can check updates from friends, a...

Pinterest-The-Official-Mobile-Application-For-The-Currently-Trending-Network-Pinterest-Is-Available-[Android-&-iPhone]-(0)If you're a fan of Pinterest, should already be waiting for the release of the mobile network. Now you can check updates from friends, and post pins and enjoy pictures posted by your friends, all directly from the screen of your smartphone or tablet running by Android or iOS. For those who had high expectations about the application's official Pinterest, it certainly will not disappoint. With it, you have a fluid and intuitive navigation. It will not be hard for you to find all the functions and tools of Pinterest, especially if you are already familiar with the network. If you want to start using the application Pinterest, is best left for a computer first: during the tests by ABC Trick, we simply can not complete a new registration to the middle of the app. Then, after you're already on the network, leave to use the application. The look fits very clean and minimalist with Pinterest's own identity: he remembers the site, but at the same time can adapt the tools for them to suit the mobile environment. More to read.


The search tool directly from the web and posting is one of the great advantages of Pinterest in its portable version. This saves a lot of time in finding and sharing content. Thus, the Pinterest becomes a great alternative to access the network, and even more practical and enjoyable than the original version of Pinterest. If you're a fan of social networking, you can download the app without fear!

Pinterest-The-Official-Mobile-Application-For-The-Currently-Trending-Network-Pinterest-Is-Available-[Android-&-iPhone]-(2) Pinterest-The-Official-Mobile-Application-For-The-Currently-Trending-Network-Pinterest-Is-Available-[Android-&-iPhone]-(3)

The app is completely free and has all the tools found in version browsers. If you are using a tablet, you can still make use of a navigation menu on the web, where you can stroll through the network for content to post to your account at Pinterest. Everything happens in a simple and intuitive: just a few taps on the screen so that all actions are taken in Pinterest. Simply select an image to enjoy, repost or comment. In the mobile version, the Pinterest allows you to slide your fingers on the screen in a horizontal movement to change the menu.

In the version for tablets, you need only select the menu button so that all alternatives are disclosed on the side of the screen. Thus, navigation is even more enjoyable and you can use the entire space of the display to any action you need to take.

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