Subway Surfers: Escape From Fearsome Subway Tracks In This Addicting Game [iPhone Game]

Imagine you are designing your artwork in subway cars. Everything is perfect and peaceful, until the guard catches you in the act and starts...

Subway-Surfers-Escape-From-Fearsome-Subway-Tracks-In-This-Addicting-Game-[iPhone-Game]-(1)Imagine you are designing your artwork in subway cars. Everything is perfect and peaceful, until the guard catches you in the act and starts a chase through the rails. The gameplay presented by Subway Surfers are simply amazing. That's because the trains, the character and all objects on the screen of the game are very well designed, have well defined contours and a cheerful color, with a light touch that gives rise to different textures. Every detail of the scenarios seem to be carefully thought out, even the shadow made by each timber that supports the railroad tracks and the darkest of environments that appear on the scene. The drawings well done and make the appearance of the Subway Surfers so beautiful that makes you want to play it just by looking at the initial screen of the game, before you even know what it is. Like all games offer missions that are acting as the objectives of the phases, each time these goals are completed, you can earn extra points and improve your character. This feature makes the game very addictive because it makes you want to accumulate more and more coins and can reach farther and farther in the scenarios.

Subway-Surfers-Escape-From-Fearsome-Subway-Tracks-In-This-Addicting-Game-[iPhone-Game]-(2)  Subway-Surfers-Escape-From-Fearsome-Subway-Tracks-In-This-Addicting-Game-[iPhone-Game]-(3)

The variety of challenges presented by Subway Surfers is also excellent. That's because you're not just jumping from train to train or diverting those who are moving on the tracks: the player must also be alert to signs that arise and the places through which will pass when flying over the rail after catching a momentum either a magician with the skateboard. But nothing good to have gorgeous graphics and addictive gameplay that the game does not respond reliably to commands made by the player. Fortunately, the Subway Surfers regards that part too well, because as soon as you touch the screen of the device, the corresponding move is made, without delay or misinterpretation of the controls.


Speaking at the controls of the game, if we do not comment on the simplicity of the controls Subway Surfers, this opinion would not be entirely fair. In addition to the moves planned for the game are few, they are still extremely easy to be learned. That's because when you start the game first, a quick tutorial is presented as the match is going on, so you learn the controls during the game itself. As actions are performed from obvious movements - like sliding your finger up and down when you want the character to go down, there is no difficulty in using the application.

The background music is very good, it combines perfectly with the mood of the hectic and fast game. Thanks to this, the melody can give more movement to the games, leaving the player with glazed eyes not to be surprised by obstacles. The sound effects also do not want to leave. Each time you do something in the Subway Surfers, like sliding the wagons or even change the track, the game plays a specific sound to represent the action. These noises presented are not boring, so do not bother the player, and also makes you more connected to what is happening during the phases.

This is where the adventure begins Subway Surfers: You need to be quick to escape the guard that, despite being a little overweight, runs very fast and is always at his heels. Take shortcuts, turn to the right side and enjoy the tracks to give a momentum to your board are smart attitudes that can make you get farther in the game, without having to face many difficulties. The Subway Surfers has missions for you to follow while playing stages. These goals are to collect a certain amount of coins to reach a specific amount of points or to reach a certain point in the scenario. As you are completing these challenges, your score increases and you can buy new items or just improve your character already has. This makes it easier to reach further and further phases of the Subway Surfers and record-breaking points.


  • Grind trains with your cool crew!
  • Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
  • Hoverboard Surfing!
  • Paint powered jetpack!
  • Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
  • Challenge and help your friends!

Check out the video demo below:


  • Incredible graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Wide variety of challenges
  • Responds very well to commands
  • Easy to play
  • Lively soundtrack
  • Mind-blowing sound effects


  • Too much heavy
  • Screen glitches occasionally

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