WebDisk: Easiest Wireless File Transfer For PC To iPhone With Support For Large Flies [iPhone]

With the application WebDisk, you have the option of passing all the files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad - regardless of the ty...

WebDisk-Easiest-Wireless-File-Transfer-For-PC-To-iPhone-With-Support-For-Large-Flies-[iPhone]-(1)With the application WebDisk, you have the option of passing all the files from your computer to your iPhone or iPad - regardless of the type of document. For this, you will not need any cables. WebDisk is a handy software, it allows to transfer files directly to iPods and iPhones. This is one of the greatest qualities of the app, it is not necessary to "lose" time going to a computer (because anyone can do it for you) or waiting to download some e-mail attachment end. Thus, the process turns out to be very fast - in our tests, no transfer has two minutes. In addition, the WebDisk works with any file type, so that it was possible to move photos, music, text and video to an iPhone. Despite the qualities, the application does not have instructions on how to start using it. Thus, some people may find it difficult to start transferring files. Another shortcoming is the fact that you can not move files to the computer gadget. If this feature was present, even more convenience would be provided by the software.

The ability to access data stored only within the application can delay your job because you need many touches to complete this action. Instead, the application could store the documents in certain areas - such as photos in the gallery of the cell, for example. The connection between your PC and your gadget is made for the internet, in a synchronized way. That way you can send your files away - since the two devices are online.

WebDisk-Easiest-Wireless-File-Transfer-For-PC-To-iPhone-With-Support-For-Large-Flies-[iPhone]-(2) WebDisk-Easiest-Wireless-File-Transfer-For-PC-To-iPhone-With-Support-For-Large-Flies-[iPhone]-(3) WebDisk-Easiest-Wireless-File-Transfer-For-PC-To-iPhone-With-Support-For-Large-Flies-[iPhone]-(4)

To transfer documents to one of your gadgets, you simply open the application. In the first window that appears, there will be an address that should be inserted in the browser of your PC. Once the new page is open in your browser, look for the files you want and upload. All data are saved in this location will be automatically transferred to your Apple devices.

The application has only two windows, one called "Setting" and another titled "Files". In the first, gives you the access code to be used in the browser and choose a password to protect your page. In the second, you can check all the documents that were downloaded to your device - listed in chronological order of posting. All that is transferred to your phone or tablet is only available at this location. In addition, this page also there is the possibility to create files directly in the application.


  • Practical Software
  • Fast process
  • Download any file type
  • Easy way to share files


  • It has no in-app instructions
  • Can be accessed only within the app

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