UberSocial for Twitter: Experience Unique Twitter Experience On Your Smartphone [Android & iPhone]

After many changes, developers of UberSocial for Twitter decided to give the application a whole new re-design and insert new features in th...

UberSocial-for-Twitter-Experience-Unique-Twitter-Experience-On-Your-Smartphone-[Android-&-iPhone]-(1)After many changes, developers of UberSocial for Twitter decided to give the application a whole new re-design and insert new features in the application. For this, a new look and a new name came out for Android and iPhone! UberSocial Twitter is for a client who does not have anything very special. Compared to its predecessor - Twidroyd, which service has been stopped and shall receive no further updates - it has a greater number of options, but was down streamed by an unattractive interface. UberSocial for Twitter has so many elements in their visual, you just sinned by excess. The interface was polluted and banner advertising on the bottom gets even worse. Moreover, the text font is too small, which can make life difficult for those who have devices with smaller screens. On the positive side, UberSocial for Twitter is very flexible, allowing you to have more than one account and select the service to shorten URLs and post pictures. Moreover, it is compatible with Facebook, posting a message on your Wall discreetly, without a great advertisement.

UberSocial-for-Twitter-Experience-Unique-Twitter-Experience-On-Your-Smartphone-[Android-&-iPhone]-(2) UberSocial-for-Twitter-Experience-Unique-Twitter-Experience-On-Your-Smartphone-[Android-&-iPhone]-(3)

Another interesting element is the options menu at the top of the display, which can be customized. By accessing application settings, you select what you want to view, choosing the functions you use most. Overall, UberSocial for Twitter has interesting features and would have everything to be among the best Twitter clients for iOS and Android. However, its interface makes the app is impractical. And the look of the app is a crucial aspect for most people who have iOS or Android.

UberSocial-for-Twitter-Experience-Unique-Twitter-Experience-On-Your-Smartphone-[Android-&-iPhone]-(4) UberSocial-for-Twitter-Experience-Unique-Twitter-Experience-On-Your-Smartphone-[Android-&-iPhone]-(5)

All basic functions are there. With UberSocial Twitter is you can view new messages, receive notifications of each new tweet, reference or private message. Also, you can also choose the services to shorten links and post photos in your profile. Clicking on a post, the same options displayed on Twidroyd appear to interact with their network of contacts in microblogs. The big difference is the UberSocial Twitter is for the menu that appears at the top of the interface.

You can customize the options that appear there, selecting even the order in which they should appear. This can leave the application that best fits your way of accessing Twitter, making its use more practical and objective. UberSocial for Twitter also allows you to post messages on Twitter and Facebook at the same time, to update your social networks in one place!

Check out the video demo below:


  • You can customize the menu
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Accepted more than one user


  • Interface needs to be improved
  • Text font is too small

Download UberSocial for Twitter For Android

Download UberSocial for Twitter For iPhone

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