Longevity Battery Saver (Beta): Improve Battery Life By Finding Out Which App Is Draining Power [Android]

Who uses Android is already used to carry the battery charger for wherever you go. The device has many features that are difficult to mainta...

Longevity-Battery-Saver-(Beta)-Improve-Battery-Life-By-Finding-Out-Which-App-Is-Draining-Power-[Android]-(1)Who uses Android is already used to carry the battery charger for wherever you go. The device has many features that are difficult to maintain the load for a long time, internet, games and use the digital camera. There are a good number of applications to conserve battery power of Android, but none are as beautiful as Longevity Battery Saver. It is clear that those seeking this type of service does not prioritize the beauty of the app, but in this case, it is remarkable and makes up the life of the other party. Longevity Battery Saver has many visuals that make the application easy to understand, even with an interface entirely in English. He shows graphics that make the information organized and help you understand what is consuming too much battery on your Android. Despite offering an option to optimize the use of the battery, Battery Saver Longevity applications that are only open in the background - something that usually has little effect on battery consumption.

Longevity-Battery-Saver-(Beta)-Improve-Battery-Life-By-Finding-Out-Which-App-Is-Draining-Power-[Android]-(2)  Longevity-Battery-Saver-(Beta)-Improve-Battery-Life-By-Finding-Out-Which-App-Is-Draining-Power-[Android]-(3)

Therefore, those using Longevity Battery Saver can miss the profiling specific to how you use the device. The application just turn on "Just-a-Phone" (Only one telephone), which turns off all connections and applications and makes the screen dark. Thus, Longevity Battery Saver is an app more informative than anything else, showing off what you can to make your Android battery lasts longer than normal.

Longevity-Battery-Saver-(Beta)-Improve-Battery-Life-By-Finding-Out-Which-App-Is-Draining-Power-[Android]-(4) Longevity-Battery-Saver-(Beta)-Improve-Battery-Life-By-Finding-Out-Which-App-Is-Draining-Power-[Android]-(5) Longevity-Battery-Saver-(Beta)-Improve-Battery-Life-By-Finding-Out-Which-App-Is-Draining-Power-[Android]-(6)

Longevity Battery Saver is an application that can help you avoid the difficult task of daily load on your Android. Though still in its Beta version, it offers features that can be extremely useful. The application is divided into three main tabs. In the first one you can view the battery status by showing the operating time that the unit still has. Also, you can activate profiles and try to optimize the remaining charge - Battery Saver Longevity itself is responsible for closing applications that are not being used.

Longevity-Battery-Saver-(Beta)-Improve-Battery-Life-By-Finding-Out-Which-App-Is-Draining-Power-[Android]-(7)  Longevity-Battery-Saver-(Beta)-Improve-Battery-Life-By-Finding-Out-Which-App-Is-Draining-Power-[Android]-(8)

The next tab shows a chart with what is consuming more power - brightness, internet connection, applications, among others. And finally, we have the configuration of alerts that can send Longevity Battery Saver, warning when the battery unit is charged or nearly empty.


  • Turn your smartphone into "Just-a-Phone" to help ensure you can make and receive calls and text messages for as long as possible
  • See "Power Hog" warnings if you download apps that use too much power, thanks to Trend Micro's unique cloud intelligence system
  • Get an alert if the battery level suddenly drops
  • Optimize your phone for maximum battery life with just one tap
  • Easily identify what uses the battery the most so you can take action
  • Use a widget to take advantage of key features without opening the app

Download Longevity Battery Saver (Beta)

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