Apple’s New Patent Application Comes With Illuminated Touchscreen Panel Lit

In last Thursday (15th August, 2012) ,Apple filed a patent application for a new type of touchscreen panel that responds to touch illuminate...

Apple’s-New-Patent-Application-Comes-With-Illuminated-Touchscreen-Panel-Lit-(1)In last Thursday (15th August, 2012) ,Apple filed a patent application for a new type of touchscreen panel that responds to touch illuminated with different pressure levels. The new technology, called as "Illuminated Touchpad" was sent for analysis by the company in April this year, but only became public this week. According to the Apple, the technology can increase the intensity of responses that a person has to deal with any device using his fingers. The resource description also indicates that it can be used simply to illuminate the screen of a device that is not currently in use. "One aspect relates to devices capable of illuminating the touch sensitive surface of the touch pad", describes the company. "Not just in backlighting so that the user knows where the touch pad is located in low light conditions, but also to give other feedback related to how the touch pad is being used" added more.

Possible future uses

The great attraction of the patent is the whole new way to the technology responds to the pressure and intensity of movements. According to Apple, depending on how a person interacts with the surface, different results will be displayed.






Apple, however, did not provide any information about the type of product that would use the technology, but it would not be hard to imagine that this technology is being incorporated into its line of notebooks. Among the descriptive images released by the company was a person using his fingers to use what may be the MacBook trackpad and a modified version of the popular scrollwhell used in some models of iPod.


New technologies provide different visual responses depending on the pressure exerted by each person.

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