1Tap Eraser: Schedule & Clean All History/Log Automatically In One Click [Android]

If you are a person concerned about your privacy, you probably should have sought ways to clean your...

1Tap-Eraser-Schedule-&-Clean-All-HistoryLog-Automatically-In-One-Click-[Android]-(1)If you are a person concerned about your privacy, you probably should have sought ways to clean your smartphone activities. Thinking about it, 1Tap Eraser allows you to do a thorough cleaning with just one click. In 1Tap Eraser, you'll find a complete cleaning tool that is totally focused on privacy. The app lets you clear history of any action on the smartphone, as the log of calls, the box of text messages and pages viewed in the browser. The simple interface and well organized sum many points to the application, it is easy to understand the operation of the tool. A function that allows you to schedule cleanings and add elements in the White List also pleased because you can delete only the items you want.

1Tap-Eraser-Schedule-&-Clean-All-HistoryLog-Automatically-In-One-Click-[Android]-(1)  1Tap-Eraser-Schedule-&-Clean-All-HistoryLog-Automatically-In-One-Click-[Android]-(2)

Despite the possibilities, not 1Tap Eraser allows you to uninstall applications or widgets. The app also does not recognize the history of third-party programs, because the programs only standard operating system are listed. Nevertheless, the tool is still worthwhile and can be very useful in different circumstances. On the main screen of the app, you will find many items grouped into categories such as "Call Log", "SMS/MMS", "History" etc.. To clear the history of any item, simply check the box on the right side of the item and then pressing the "Erase".

1Tap-Eraser-Schedule-&-Clean-All-HistoryLog-Automatically-In-One-Click-[Android]-(5)  1Tap-Eraser-Schedule-&-Clean-All-HistoryLog-Automatically-In-One-Click-[Android]-(6)

In the settings menu, you can also schedule cleaning of any item. To do this, select the "Auto-eraser", activate the checkbox "Scheduler" and select the items that are in the bottom of the screen.


  • Intuitive interface.
  • Function to schedule cleanings.
  • Customizable white list.


  • The app only recognizes a few of Android apps.

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