Best Battery Widget: Intuitive Widget To Check 1% Battery Level From Homescreen [Android]

Best Battery Widget is an app with a very simple goal: visually and numerically display the level of...

Best-Battery-Widget-Intuitive-Widget-To-Check-1%-Battery-Level-From-Homescreen-[Android]-(2)Best Battery Widget is an app with a very simple goal: visually and numerically display the level of battery charging of your device. Although the operating system by default show an icon shaped pile, in some systems it is not the percentage indicated numerically. If you're tired of seeing the abstract design shaped cell that displays the battery status of your device, Best Battery Widget provides an accurate and complete, showing the level of load in a visual and numerical. The widget calls attention to the small size and beautiful design. The drawing shows a circle surrounded by a rim that is illuminated as the level of battery charge. As the element takes up little screen space, you need not worry about radically change your homescreen.

The toolbar buttons that allow you to manage various phone features, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS, does not activate and deactivate the network immediately, and only act as shortcuts to their configuration screens - taking a lot of practicality.

Best-Battery-Widget-Intuitive-Widget-To-Check-1%-Battery-Level-From-Homescreen-[Android]-(2)  Best-Battery-Widget-Intuitive-Widget-To-Check-1%-Battery-Level-From-Homescreen-[Android]-(3)

The widget allows you to check the percentage of battery remaining accurately, leaving aside abstract interpretations that originate drawings. Touching the icon will also display other information such as the status and temperature of cell energy. At the base of the window are four buttons arranged that let you enable or disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and screen brightness control.


  • Beautiful Design.
  • Reduced size.


  • The buttons work just as shortcuts.

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