Pinnacle Studio: Powerful & Feature-Rich Video Editor From Corel [iPad]

Pinnacle Studio is an application made so you can edit videos in various styles using only your iPad. With it, you can create transitions ph...

Pinnacle-Studio-Powerful-&-Feature-Rich-Video-Editor-From-Corel-[iPad]-(1)Pinnacle Studio is an application made so you can edit videos in various styles using only your iPad. With it, you can create transitions photos, videos with effects and even music clips simple. The aim of the software is to be a practical tool that can be used naturally by a touchscreen device. Because of this, the commands come down to touch your finger on the screen and drag. The interface used in Pinnacle Studio is very modern and striking, as it uses long and rounded shapes, bright colors and interactive elements - such as video tape that are stored in your projects. This is a great quality because it gets you focused on your work. The controls are really simple and practical, as was the proposal of the developer of the program, since you simply tap and drag the desired effects. That way, you will need only a few minutes to understand how the work process works. The big plus point of application are the work options available because you can use different types of transition effects and media - besides being able to use various types of media - ensuring quality work and well diversified.

The only flaw worth mentioning is the delay of the download - in our testing, it took almost 10 minutes for the process to finish. However, this is a very small snag near all the qualities displayed by the software and can depend a lot on your internet connection.


The software uses all your media files - music, photos and videos - to assemble sequences you want. For this it is necessary to go to the settings button, which is the gear in the upper right of the screen, and touch the alternative "Rebuild Media library". To start a new project, just click the symbol "+" on the home screen of the app. The screen that will appear is work and it is divided into three blocks: a display screen that is being done, the storyboard and the menu with the program features.


In the latter division, you can add images, videos, sounds, transition effects and image too. The process has no secret: you access the images folder, for example, and choose a. After that touches it, wait two seconds and drag to the storyboard. There is also the possibility to choose and set the duration of each image or effect. You simply must do a pincer movement on each chosen feature, as would split or extend each.

Pinnacle-Studio-Powerful-&-Feature-Rich-Video-Editor-From-Corel-[iPad]-(4)  Pinnacle-Studio-Powerful-&-Feature-Rich-Video-Editor-From-Corel-[iPad]-(5)

Once you started a new project, it is stored in the application's homepage - each part of the videotape used in the program interface. To access it, simply tap once on the icon. You can also post their work on YouTube, Facebook or export to your computer. The button responsible for this action is in the upper right corner of your window, but you must enable your application for this type of work.


  • Striking and modern interface.
  • Useful tools,
  • Several working options.
  • Powerful editing feature.


  • Downloading takes time.
  • Free for a limited time only.

Download Pinnacle Studio For iPad

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