Lock Screen Active: Interactive Tool To Use Your Lockscreen For Quick Access To Anywhere [Android]

Lock Screen Active is the best alternative for those who do not like to waste time unlocking their smartphone for only then make calls, open...

Lock-Screen-Active-Interactive-Tool-To-Use-Your-Lockscreen-For-Quick-Access-To-Anywhere-[Android]-(1)Lock Screen Active is the best alternative for those who do not like to waste time unlocking their smartphone for only then make calls, opening applications or even check updates from Facebook. For those who feel distressed to waste time looking for apps on their gadget for more effectiveness, Lock Screen Active is a good alternative. Besides being totally free, the app is simple to use, easy to configure and allows the user much greater freedom than is common for similar applications. Here, you can choose the tools that will appear on the main screen of the device. Thus, it is much easier and convenient access to your email, for example, or more often open your favorite social networks. One of the great advantages of Active Screen Lock is exactly that: the app serves both to those who use the gadget to work and for those who just want to have fun with it, since it is you who chooses what is priority in everyday life.


The look of the Lock Screen Active is modern and the app does not bring advertisements, even being free. However, the application branding appears on the top screen and it can offend the most demanding. It is exactly the look that Lock Screen Active has: although an application with a modern layout, it does not bring the slightest possibility of customization of themes or exchange. This ends up limiting the experience of using the Lock Screen Active, especially for those who like to change the themes of the unit and gets tired easily visual gadget. If counted at least with the possibility to choose the background image of the lock screen - how the standard Android tool - Lock Screen Active could be considered a perfect application.

Lock-Screen-Active-Interactive-Tool-To-Use-Your-Lockscreen-For-Quick-Access-To-Anywhere-[Android]-(2) Lock-Screen-Active-Interactive-Tool-To-Use-Your-Lockscreen-For-Quick-Access-To-Anywhere-[Android]-(3) Lock-Screen-Active-Interactive-Tool-To-Use-Your-Lockscreen-For-Quick-Access-To-Anywhere-[Android]-(4)

To use the app, you do not need much work. Just open the Lock Screen Active for the first time and adjust the settings more basic. There, you can enable and disable the Lock Screen Active and customize your shortcuts. You can add favorite contacts in the system shortcuts to messaging, applications and keeping your Facebook page as a tool to unlock, and a preview of the home network before you even unlock the display.

After configuring the app, lock the screen where you will find a modern look, with a clock at the top and, below, the pages you choose. The only alternative to this is to keep only the field or Facebook allow Lock Screen Active keep a personalized gallery. The ring unlock at the bottom center of the screen is the control for everything. You just need to drag it to the options you want to open with unlocking application. Keeping the disc on a category, new subcategories appear, leading you to specific tools. In the case of main screens the system works the opposite way: choose your option and drag the screen to unlock the ring. Ready!Facebook appears on your screen instantly.


  • It does not require advanced settings.
  • Simple to use.
  • Modern look.
  • Allows you to choose the applications to put in Lockscreen.


  • Not lets you customize the look.
  • Doesn’t have theme chooser.

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