AireTalk: Free Call–A Complete Social Communication Tool With Free Calling & Sharing Service [Android & iPhone]

It is true that there are many communication tools for mobile devices that allow you to send messages, photos and music and to make calls a...

AireTalk-Free-Call–A-Complete-Social-Communication-Tool-With-Free-Calling-&-Sharing-Service-[Android]-(1)It is true that there are many communication tools for mobile devices that allow you to send messages, photos and music and to make calls as well for free over the Internet. However, the new AireTalk: Free Call brings together all the features seen in other apps of its kind in a single, comprehensive tool. If you are tired of the WhatsApp, or Viber or others, AireTalk: Free Call brings a complete solution that brings together all the resources of competitors in one place. That way, you can send text messages, make calls or leave messages with voice recording feature. Besides the large amount of resources, one of the elements that draw more attention to the tool is intuitive and minimalistic interface that offers few menus and plenty of context to access functionality. During our tests, we tried out sending messages, links and video conferences. All features worked perfectly, except for the last, it is necessary that both apparatus provided with a front camera.

AireTalk-Free-Call–A-Complete-Social-Communication-Tool-With-Free-Calling-&-Sharing-Service-[Android]-(2)  AireTalk-Free-Call–A-Complete-Social-Communication-Tool-With-Free-Calling-&-Sharing-Service-[Android]-(3)

Nevertheless, at least in a Wi-Fi network, the answers are quick and usability is excellent, even on an older gadget. Although AireTalk: Free Call not yet have a user base as solid as the competitors is a matter of time for the great tool grab a slice of the market. To register in the system, you can create an account directly using your phone number or login with a Facebook account. AireTalk: Free Call reads the list of contacts from your smartphone and automatically searches your friends.

AireTalk-Free-Call–A-Complete-Social-Communication-Tool-With-Free-Calling-&-Sharing-Service-[Android]-(5) AireTalk-Free-Call–A-Complete-Social-Communication-Tool-With-Free-Calling-&-Sharing-Service-[Android]-(6) AireTalk-Free-Call–A-Complete-Social-Communication-Tool-With-Free-Calling-&-Sharing-Service-[Android]-(7)

At the base of the screen, the application menu displays options "Friends" (Friends), "Messages" (Messages) and "Settings" (Settings). In the latter option, you can manage the notifications and change their personal data.

Check out the video demo below:

Download AirTalk: Free Call For Android

Download AirTalk: Free Call For iPhone


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