The CATch!: Help A Mischievous Cat Who Needs To Flee After Stealing Food [Android & iPhone Game]

In The CATch!, your mission is to help small and fat cat running away from his owner after sneaking a great prank. She was making lunch quie...

The-CATch!-Help-A-Mischievous-Cat-Who-Needs-To-Flee-After-Stealing-Food-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(1)In The CATch!, your mission is to help small and fat cat running away from his owner after sneaking a great prank. She was making lunch quietly, when the cat climbed on the table and picked up the sausages she would use while cooking. When she realized she was in trouble, she fled out the window as soon as he could. The CATch! It is a game clearly inspired by Temple Run. Its plot is very entertaining and introduce them to the developers chose to make a scene worthy of cartoon. The scenario is presented in three dimensions, but do not expect realism. Images are square and jagged, but that does not stop us from praising the game's visuals, with a very lovable character and fun images. The soundtrack is also a positive aspect. Music is one more item that reminds us classic cartoons, but it can be turned off - if you prefer. The sound effects are funny with cats meowing, bird sounds and a lady behind the furious pussy. The gameplay of The CATch! is easy, but even so, it was possible to identify unique characteristics - for good and for evil. On the plus side, the game features many elements in the scenario that enable interesting upgrades.


Moreover, the constant change in the routes to be followed makes the game presents a good level of difficulty, with a dynamic challenge that requires a lot of attention from the player. Moreover, The CATch! presents some problems that can compromise your enjoyment. The first is that despite bringing a fun scenario, the game has many elements on the screen. This makes the interface a bit polluted, which is terrible for the style of game.

The-CATch!-Help-A-Mischievous-Cat-Who-Needs-To-Flee-After-Stealing-Food-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(3) The-CATch!-Help-A-Mischievous-Cat-Who-Needs-To-Flee-After-Stealing-Food-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(4)

Moreover, in our tests we got a failed response in touch several times, as if the kitten responded with delay from our movements on the display. This was crucial and represented the end of the match several times, unfortunately. The CATch! is certainly a fun game and with so much potential. Just a little technically evolve to become a big game from iTunes.

The problem is that now, besides facing the wrath of the cook, he also needs to be fast and get away from hungry crows that are in your hunt. Therefore, running is the great object of the game, which follows the same line of popular game Temple Run. In the first meters of the race, a tutorial explains what you should do to avoid obstacles. It is important to collect coins on the screen to be able to purchase upgrades that improve their performance in the game. Slide your finger across the display, directing the movement of the kitten sideways, up and down.At the end, share your scores with your Facebook friends and invite them to face the challenge too.

The-CATch!-Help-A-Mischievous-Cat-Who-Needs-To-Flee-After-Stealing-Food-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(5)  The-CATch!-Help-A-Mischievous-Cat-Who-Needs-To-Flee-After-Stealing-Food-[Android-&-iPhone-Game]-(6)

Check out the video demo below:

  • Fun to play .
  • Really interesting plot.
  • Funny introduction.
  • Great soundtrack.
  • Graphics is slightly glitched.
  • Failed to response touches several times.

Download The CATch For Android

Download The CATch! For iPhone

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